How a Full-circle Lifecycle Marketing Strategy Led to a 153% Increase in Customer Retention Rate

How a Full-circle Lifecycle Marketing Strategy Led to a 153% Increase in Customer Retention Rate



6-figure revenue
achieved in 3 months
through paid media.


increase in monthly
email revenue


of total store revenue
attributed to email and SMS


Theraice Rx manufactures and sells cold compression therapy products like headache and migraine relief caps, hot and cold compression sleeves, and wrist ice packs.

With the objective of making cold compression therapy products available to everyone and not just athletes, Theraice Rx was heavily dependent on Amazon for its business. However, they decided to take the next level and set higher targets for their brand.


They reached out to Chronos Agency and ROAS Media to lead the transformation of their brand and their marketing efforts. This involved executing a full lifecycle marketing strategy by revamping their website and exploring various paid channels.  


Essentially, Theraice Rx needed a major marketing transformation. They had low customer lifetime value and low customer retention rates. Delays in shipping caused customers to churn. 

On top of these issues, the website was not user-friendly and wasn’t doing a very good job of converting leads. Additionally,  there was little to no historical data on their paid media accounts. 

Put simply, executing the lifecycle marketing strategy wasn’t enough—Chronos Agency and ROAS Media had to strategize from scratch. 


Here’s an overview of the strategies executed across different channels:


Simply having a website is not enough. With thousands of eCommerce stores globally, Theraice Rx needed a website strategy focused on converting online users to customers.

The new website focused on creating a better user experience across various devices and screen sizes.

Meanwhile, the top proven conversion principles served as the backbone of the new website. Some examples of these principles included:

  • Optimizing the pages for speed
  • Following the AIDA principle for page designs
  • Displaying social proof and relevant endorsements to establish credibility
  • Clear-cut CTA buttons
  • Consistent brand identity

Theraice Website


Email marketing and SMS helped Theraice Rx be present across multiple touchpoints along the customer journey. Leveraging automation, Chronos Agency implemented an end-to-end email and SMS program from acquisition to winback. This strategy included the following specifics:

  • Optimized pop-ups regularly to increase subscribers and to have a continuous flow of new customers to be nurtured
  • Launched regular post-purchase flows based on tried and tested strategies to increase retention rate and purchases from existing customers
  • Built additional flows specifically to target customers affected by the backorders and delays.
  • Set up targeted and personalized cross-selling opportunities, explicitly setting up the re-engagement campaigns and flows to target customers from affiliate traffic so they could be redirected to the newly revamped website.
  • Offered bundle deals to increase average order value and lifetime value


While social media channels were used to increase customer engagement and boost relationships, it was also used to lead followers to subscribe to email and SMS. At the same time, email and SMS were used to encourage subscribers to social media. 

This was to ensure that online users could come across Theraice Rx no matter what channel they were on. That way, the brand remains to be top of mind, especially as they hosted giveaways and launched interactive content.


With not much paid media history to use as a reference, ROAS Media proceeded to stress-test Meta as a push marketing channel. At the same time, they also researched and tested what other marketing channels will give the best results and returns. Meta was the chosen primary marketing channel at the start, focusing on creatives and keeping audience segments broad to pinpoint the right audience. In the first month, 30 ads were already tested until the best performing formats and angles were reassessed. During the second month, Theraice Rx already had a funnel that churned out consistent results on its own. At this point, ROAS Media focused on refining and expanding the personas to unlock additional audience pools. By the third month, Theraice Rx started expanding to other paid media channels like Google and TikTok while increasing ad spend.


Theraice Rx’s paid media funnel continuously acquired new customers and led them 

to an eCommerce website optimized for conversions. Upon conversion, the dynamic duo 

of email and SMS would nurture them using personalization and segmentation strategies.

The combination of these strategies led to the following results:

Website conversion

  • Conversion was at 9% on average within two months after the launch of the new site. This is 233% more than the industry average.

Email + SMS

  • 153% increase in customer retention rate
  • 40% of total store revenue was attributed to email and SMS
  • 130% increase in monthly email revenue
  • 12.2% cart recovery via email

Paid media

  • 50% MoM increment in conversions
  • 46% MoM increase in new customers
  • 6-figure revenue achieved in 3 months

Social media

  • 20% increase in followers post-giveaways
  • 13.000+ IG reels views


Cold compression therapy brand TheraiceRx was suffering from low customer retention rates. A user-unfriendly website coupled with delays in their shipping led to high customer churn rates.

The solution was to revamp their website into a conversion-focused one. This meant optimizing their pages for loading speed and revamping page designs for a more consistent brand identity. They also implemented clearer CTAs and included social proof in their website to boost credibility.

They supported this revamp with lifecycle marketing tactics to keep customers coming back:

  • Using a combination of email and SMS strategies
  • Support retention efforts using social media
  • Implementing a data-driven paid media strategy



Observe transparency with your customers

Even if things aren’t going well on your end, it’s always important to keep your customers in the loop. The more informed they are of what’s going on, the more understanding they’ll be of delays or issues.


Omnichannel marketing is today’s standard

Take advantage of the strengths of multiple marketing channels to maximize your brand reach and conversion power. While chunks of your target market may prefer a specific channel, it’s important to create a seamless customer experience across all your channels to maximize engagement.


A data-driven customer-centric marketing model is the solid foundation of sustainable success

Listen to the numbers, they’re basically your customers spelling out what they want. Lifecycle marketing can translate these numbers into actionable strategies that not only generate numbers, but also keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

Lifecycle marketing is a much larger iceberg than you think. It’s more than just slapping together two different strategies and forgetting about it. It requires a dedicated team who’s learned the language of customer data and in turn translating that into a game plan.

Chronos Agency has dedicated 5 years of its existence decoding the customers’ minds of over 400 brands. And now, we want to share what we’ve learned with you so you too can rack up the 20% to 30% revenue boost our past partners have reaped.

Let’s dive into what your customers really want from your brand

A BFCM to Remember: Up to 60% Email Attributed Revenue

A BFCM to Remember: Up to 60% Email Attributed Revenue

Bringing effortless charm to premium high-end jewelry, Jan Leslie is an eCommerce brand that specializes in cuff links, tuxedo sets, and 18k gold jewelry. Wanting to branch out from the limited brick-and-mortar options and changes in customer behavior, they started a partnership with Chronos Agency.

Over the years, Chronos Agency has helped them to scale their email marketing channels for increased revenue. Continue reading to find out how we achieved some amazing results during.


Changes in customer behaviour during the pandemic required the Jan Leslie’s marketing strategy to change as well. Even though most jewelery purchases are done face to face, it was also improtant for them to engage new customers and sell products through email marketing.

We focused on VIP customers who are the major contributors to the brand’s revenue. Exclusive VIP-only offer as well as strategies were introduced to ensure high conversion rate.

The Strategy

Chronos implemented several strategies and framework for Jan Leslie so that they could reap the most out of BFCM season. This included about 60% of email attributed revenue which mostly came from the campaigns. We could also see more than 3x increase in average monthly store revenue.

Here’s a super brief rundown of the tactics our team used:

  • Leveraging on social content
  • Hyping up the VIP-only offers
  • Maximizing retargeting emails and workflows

The Results


attributed to email revenue


increase in average email open rate


increase in average monthly store revenue in 2021

Jan Leslie 2021 BFCM email copy

A Sustainable Lifecycle Journey Others Only Dream Of

A Sustainable Lifecycle Journey Others Only Dream Of

Ensuring comfort at a reasonable price, Benji Sleep offers you a selection of soft sheets, pillows, and comforters of your dreams (pun intended). They wanted help in increasing their returning customers and maximizing their lifecycle marketing. 

Chronos Agency worked on adjusting Benji Sleep’s marketing strategies and best practices. In little over a year, they have amplified their customers and enhanced their email and SMS strategies. Continue reading to find out how we achieved some great results.


After implementing extensive data-driven strategies and creative ideas, Benji Sleep boosted its overall customer lifecycle journey. Chronos Agency made a step-by-step deep dive to go through a seamless process across all channels and touchpoints. We made the necessary adjustments to avoid sending their email to the Spam folder. 

In just 90 days, Benji Sleep saw an increase from 17% to 34% in email-attributed revenue!

The Strategy

Benji Sleep’s emails were already converting. Their initial open rates, as well as click rates, were within industry standards. What we had to do was to enhance their emails and workflows so that they could leverage their customer lifecycle for better results.

Here’s a super brief rundown of the tactics our team used:

  • Optimizing post-purchase experience
  • Focusing on the power of loyalty and referrals 
  • Investing in new channels 

The Results


increase in email revenue


email attributed revenue in the 90 days


SMS ROI during BFCM season in 2021

Electrifying Increase of Email Attribution from 17% to 48%

Electrifying Increase of Email Attribution from 17% to 48%

A game-changer in consumer electronics, Chargeasap offers an innovative range of mobile charging accessories that takes it to the next level. With an excellent support system of international backers who help them produce cutting-edge products, this crowd-funded brand has definitely gathered their own fanbase since 2016.

Wanting to scale and expand their email marketing strategy, Chargeasap signed on with Chronos Agency in 2021. With lightning-fast email marketing growth, they reached up to 48% of email-attributed revenue. Continue reading to find out how they reached their goal.


Before engaging with Chronos Agency, ChargeAsap was hands-on in handling all operations. To ease their workload, they needed experts who could help their email marketing from start to finish. This is where we come in. After a few months of partnering with us, they could see a significant email revenue increase that went from 17% to 48%.

The Strategy

For great email marketing success, we specifically created several strategies for ChargeAsap. From consistent branding to monthly content plans, we ensured that all the flows were optimized to yield the best results. This helped us create a smooth customer experience that made their journey with ChargeAsap memorable

Here’s a super brief rundown of the tactics our team used:

  • Frictionless done-for-you email marketing
  • Combining crowdfunding with emails and using them as leverage
  • Creating email flows that are product specific

Here’s what ChargeAsap had to say about their time with us

Chargeasap Testimonial

The Results


Increased growth in email attribution


Average email revenue by the end of 2021


Increase in total email revenue for 2021

ChargeAsap Email Example

Email Results Fit for Kings: 41% of Revenue from Email Marketing and 272% Increase in Campaign Revenue

Email Results Fit for Kings: 41% of Revenue from Email Marketing and 272% Increase in Campaign Revenue

Kingston Shaver is an eCommerce brand that particularly focuses on a niche community of bald customers. With products like grooming kits, replacement blades, and accessories, they intend on creating a smooth experience for their customers (pun intended).

Since partnering with Chronos Agency in 2020, Kingston Shaver has been enjoying increased revenue and a more stable customer retention system. They are now enjoying an average of 35% for open rates and an average of 3% for click rates. Want to know how we achieved these amazing results?

Continue reading to find out more.


Kingston Shaver noticed a decrease in their store traffic as well as customer acquisition. This was especially concerning as they are a one-product store and their revenue was highly dependent on new and current customers. We understand that a proper email marketing funnel can help them touch all bases to reach a larger audience. In less than a year, their email revenue has shot up to 41%.

The Strategy

For Kingston Shaver, our strategies focus on retention and replenishment. By readjusting workflows and email content, we maximized our retention strategies that would benefit the client in the long run. We also created email flows to keep the customers engaged even after their first purchase.

Here’s a super brief rundown of the tactics our team used:

  • Leveraging content to keep customer engagement levels high
  • Implemented custom flows for different stages of the customer journey
  • Implement A/B testing to optimize each flow

The Results


Email revenue in 2021


Increase in conversion


Increase in campaign revenue

The Inside Skoop: 100% Increase in Placed Order Rates

The Inside Skoop: 100% Increase in Placed Order Rates

An edgy streetwear eCommerce store that doesn’t compromise on quality or creativity, Skoop Kommunity has been in the market since 2017. However, when it came to email marketing, they weren’t achieving the results they wanted. They wanted to maximize their email platform and increase revenue in the long run.

This is where we came in. After partnering with Chronos Agency in 2021, Skoop Kommunity has built a loyal customer base while generating high email revenue. They generated up to 35% monthly store revenue from its original 0%. So how did we achieve these colorful results?

Continue reading to find out more.


Skoop Kommunity has always been aware of email marketing and its potential to grow a business. They wanted to fully utilize their email platform and ensure it reached its full potential. After a month of partnering with Chronos Agency, Skoop saw an email revenue increase of 17% from their initial 0%.

The Strategy

Since we were essentially starting from scratch, we planned the proper foundation before implementing best practices and other optimization strategies that were important. This way, we get to ensure that each step of a customer’s journey is covered to achieve email marketing success.

Here’s a super quick rundown of the tactics we applied:

  • Custom email flows for each step of a customer journey
  • Advance segmentation, retargeting, and product-specific campaigns
  • Consistent AB testing and optimization.

The Results


increase in repeat customers


increase in total store revenue since 2020


increase in placed order rates

Skoop Email Samples


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