A Fantasy Made Real: Hobby Brand Reaches 39% Combined Revenue from Email & SMS

A Fantasy Made Real: Hobby Brand Reaches 39% Combined Revenue from Email & SMS

Hobby accessory brand Wyvern’s Hoard is the motherload of treasures for any fantasy or sci-fi enthusiast. They approached Chronos Agency with the goal of jumpstarting their email marketing. However, they ended up achieving more than what they originally planned.

How did they manage to achieve sustainable and scalable revenue despite the pandemic? Read on to find out.


Wyvern’s Hoard needed to jumpstart their email marketing in the hopes of boosting their customer retention. However, they soon realized that such a feat is best achieved by expanding their digital marketing efforts into multiple channels.

After four years since partnering up with us, Wyvern’s Hoard now enjoys a steady stream of sustainable revenue from not just email but also SMS marketing.

The Strategy

Due to our expansion of services, we helped Wyvern’s Hoard optimally expand their digital marketing efforts into email marketing, SMS, social media, and we even aided in their content marketing with blogs.


We helped them push the envelope by crafting customer-centric content and messaging for each of their marketing channels. From there, we applied omnichannel best practices to create a seamless customer experience across all of those channels.


Here’s a super quick rundown of the tactics we applied:

  • Optimization of their flows
  • Build customer relationships by celebrating customer milestones through their email and SMS campaigns
  • Encourage more customer engagement and widen audience reach using interactive content such as games and trivia content

The Results


increase in email revenue since 2019


increase in list growth since 2019


increase in campaign revenue since partnering with Chronos

Natural Grooming & Beard Care Brand Achieves 70% Increase in Total Store Revenue

Natural Grooming & Beard Care Brand Achieves 70% Increase in Total Store Revenue

Male grooming brand The Beard Struggle needed a solid on-brand creatives framework. To them, email marketing was more than just a sales driver—it was a means to engage with their target audience and build their brand.

Since December 2020, our team at Chronos Agency helped them achieve their goal of scale-worthy and sustainable email revenue and engaging customer-centric content efforts. What strategies did we use to boost their overall store revenue? Read on to find out!


The Beard Struggle was looking to boost their overall store revenue without sacrificing crucial metrics like deliverability. We helped them come up with a game plan that focused on customer-centricity and optimization of their existing flows.

Today, they consistently hit 35% in email revenue and 50% list utilization!

The Strategy

It was all about striking the fine balance between generating more email revenue growing their subscriber list. This meant investing in customer lifecycle strategies that engaged their target audience—effectively boosting conversions.

Consistent A/B testing also helped us decipher which offers worked best for their brand and target audience.

Here’s a super brief rundown of the tactics our team used:

  • Zero in on heavy lifting flows
  • Implement Advance and Data-driven Segmentation and Retargeting
  • Creative Copywriting and Email Designs

The Results


Increase in email-attributed revenue


Increase in average email revenue


Increase in Placed Order Rates from email automation

Over 50% of Total Store Revenue Attributed to Email and SMS

Over 50% of Total Store Revenue Attributed to Email and SMS

Home decor brand Celtic Serenity needed an extra sharp edge to bring in the wins back in BFCM 2020. What they needed was an email strategy with a solid creative direction and a more in-depth segmentation framework.

Since 2020, we helped their email and SMS attributed revenue reach a mind-blowing 51%! So, what strategies did we help Celtic Serenity implement to achieve that milestone? Read on to find out.


Celtic Serenity partnered with Chronos Agency back in November 2020. They were looking for a solid revenue-generating game plan for their email and SMS marketing systems. In less than a year of partnership with us, Celtic Serenity pulled off a major win on what was the biggest BFCM in eCommerce history.

The Strategy

Omnichannel optimization and advanced segmentation were key in Celtic Serenity’s BFCM success. They needed a strong and consistent presence across their multiple marketing channels to effectively engage with their target audience.

Here’s a super brief rundown of the tactics our team used:

  • Monthly Optimization of Core Flows
  • Expansion of Email List Utilization
  • Continuous A/B Testing and Optimization of Pop-up Strategies

Here’s what Celtic Serenity had to say about their time with us

The Results


Increase in email-attributed revenue


SMS subscribers gained


Pop-up list growth

146% Email Attribution Increase in Just 4 Months!

146% Email Attribution Increase in Just 4 Months!

Simple Painting is a dropshipping company that focuses on selling unique paint-by-numbers paintings. This more relaxing practice of art provides an almost therapeutic painting experience where customers can relieve their stress and anxiety through casual painting.

It was Simple Painting’s first time diving into email and SMS marketing, giving Chronos Agency an open canvas to help their client paint up an engaging and highly profitable customer experience.


Simple Painting partnered with us back in July 2021 to help them set up their email and SMS marketing frameworks.

With nothing more than previously set up paid media ads, it was up to us to leverage those ads and grow their subscriber base from the web traffic they gained so far—ultimately getting their email and SMS to generate their desired RO

The Strategy

Our team’s strategy for Simple Painting involved focusing on their brand’s value proposition and thinking outside the box. This way, we helped our client engage with their customers with solid email content that accurately hit their pain points.

Here’s a super brief rundown of our tactics:

  • Focus on One Strong Value Proposition
  • Strengthen the Core Flows
  • Optimize Marketing Efforts

Here’s what Simple Painting had to say about their time with us

The Results


Email attributed revenue


Cart flow open rate


ROI on SMS marketing

Quiet Punch Scores a Knockout 425% Increase in Email Attribution in 90 Days!

Quiet Punch Scores a Knockout 425% Increase in Email Attribution in 90 Days!

One brand, one product—and one epic WIN! Quiet Punch looked into setting up their eCommerce email and SMS marketing channels to help further boost the success of their single product.

While challenging at first, our team managed to build upon Quiet Punch’s existing content to create a solid and effective customer engagement experience—helping Quiet Punch exceed their expected metric goals.


Quiet Punch partnered up with Chronos Agency to set up their email and SMS marketing. They only had one product to work with, making meeting their desired ROI goal a tough challenge.

The questions we began asking ourselves were: (1) What kind of content did they need to launch, considering they only sell one product? And (2), what other strategies do they need to implement to cater to their niche audience?

The Strategy

We helped Quiet Punch implement a combination of on-brand copywriting and data-driven strategies.

Using the owner’s existing personal content and the already strong community he built, we managed to create solid on-brand content and design strategies that helped boost customer engagement—uppercutting Quiet Punch’s metrics to new heights!

This is only a mere preview of the processes our lifecycle marketing team went through to generate these numbers. Are you interested to get the full details?

Here’s what Quiet Punch had to say about their time with us

The Results


Increase in Email Attribution


Increase in Open Rate



CISE Hits 170% Email Revenue Increase in just 4 Months

CISE Hits 170% Email Revenue Increase in just 4 Months

Clothing line CISE needed a boost in their email revenue. Since partnering with Chronos Agency, they didn’t just meet their email revenue goal—but went as far as exceeding it as well!

In their own words, the implemented strategies were “so good, we sold out.”

What did Chronos Agency implement that helped CISE’s email revenue skyrocket?


CISE launched their brand with a simple yet powerful idea: Stronger Threads for a Stronger Community—giving a voice to those ignored by instilling powerful messages through their apparel.

In order to scale their business and reach out to more of their target audience, CISE partnered up with Chronos Agency. Since then, CISE’s email revenue reached 30% of their store’s revenue in just 4 months!

The Problem

CISE’s email revenue was plateauing at around 10% of their store’s overall revenue.

The Solutions

Chronos Agency implemented several advanced email marketing strategies and best practices along with improved and engaging content to boost the store’s brand image.

The Strategy

Here’s a tiny peek of the strategies Chronos used to help CISE achieve their 170% email revenue boost:

  • Advanced Segmentation and Retargeting
  • Copywriting that adhered to the brand’s voice and tone
  • Strategically planned monthly content calendars and campaigns
  • Consistent A/B Testing on Flows and Campaigns

The Results


Increase in email revenue


Increase in Revenue Per Recipient


Increase in Click Through Rate


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