Email Marketing Strategy

You need a tailor-made email marketing strategy designed with
your business in mind.

You can have the best product or the best website, or thousands of customers on your email list. But without a solid email marketing strategy, your efforts won’t bring in consistent and sustainable revenue. Without a data-driven email strategy, you’ll be moving around blindly, or worse, trying to replicate generic strategies you’ve read about.
Every eCommerce brand is different, so generic movesets won’t guarantee success. Here at Chronos, we look at each brand with a fresh perspective. We take on everything with a deep dive—your current data, how you got there, and where you want to be. Our standard process coupled with additional research will produce a one-of-a-kind email strategy that will actually convert. Call it Done-For-You marketing, if you will.
As your full-service email marketing agency, you don’t even have to worry about doing more work. We’ll even take care of the set up, copywriting, and even the graphic designing as you’ll see in our services.

Ecommerce is at the heart of everything we do.

We don’t just know email marketing—we are experts at email marketing for eCommerce stores. We’ll formulate a strategy designed to boost revenue for your business. Your customer engagement will also improve, which will contribute greatly to the growth of your business as a whole.

We listen to the data paired with out-of-the-box research.

We’ll gather data from your end and also comb through additional studies and trends. For one client, we even checked out the frequently asked questions on the Amazon pages of their competitors. Information is power, so we do what we can to get any insights that will back up the strategies we’ll implement.

Strategy is not a one-time thing.

Whatever strategy we come up with before we do the set-up is not set in stone. We know that customer preferences and behaviors are always changing, and we are quick on our feet to adapt to that. We know that strategizing has to be fluid, and this includes not only the flow, but the elements of each and every email. Our team is ready to conduct retargeting when needed, as well as apply new changes for the better.

We’ve helped eCommerce brands
increase their email revenue by up to 23% to 25%.

Sommer Ray’s shop had an undefined ‘spray and pray’ process as their former email marketing strategy. Strategy included email auditing, implementation of email sequences, segmentation and AB Testing so we could further refine the workflows according to consumer preferences. Since relaunching the new strategy, open rates jumped from 6% to 25% and there was a 65% increase in total email revenue.
Evanesce was looking for a way to expand their revenue channels for sustainability. Their priority goals were to achieve consistent revenue and to have a loyal tribe of customers. We focused on content creation and conducted one split test after the other. Leak points were also identified so we can integrate the email strategy to the customer journey as a whole. Within two months of testing and optimizing, there was an impressive 10x improvement in ROI, with email marketing contributing to 22% of total revenue.


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