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6 Holiday Promotional Email Tips to Boost Your Sales

UPDATED, 25 NOV 2021—There’s a reason why business owners look forward to the holidays—it’s the season of shopping! That means more sales and more revenue. So it’s only normal to go all out on your holiday promotional emails. Plus, you can seize this opportunity to connect with your customers on a deeper level and level up your brand’s presence.

While it’s important to make sure your emails are optimized to make the most sales, don’t forget to add in a healthy level of creativity to really make them stand out from the rest.  So, here are a couple of tips to level up your holiday promotional emails to get your customers excited and in the buying mood for the holiday sales.


1. Weigh in on Holiday-themed Emails

If you want to strike a chord with your customers as human beings, stick to the themes of the holiday season.

For Halloween, humorously playing with darker concepts is the way to go. For Christmas, generosity, humanity, family, and giving back are some overlying themes that come to mind.

Basically, each holiday has its own themes and connotations. So think of emails not just as ads for selling products, but as your gateway to showing who you are as a company. When done right, these are great tools to build brand loyalty.

Here’s a great example from the brand ForChics. They put just enough holiday spirit into their email while still remaining on-brand. The confetti in the background along with a reference to a classic jolly saying to their headline makes this a fun and engaging email that’s sure to catch your subscribers’ attention.

Sample Holiday-themed email from Forchics

2. Use Humor and Wit to Win

The holidays are a time to be playful! Sneak some pop culture references and clever wordplay into your emails to engage with your customers and get them hyped for the holiday sales.

Here’s a fun example from Wyvern’s Hoard, a fantasy-themed jewelry brand. Can you guess what they’re referencing in their email header?

The best part about this email is they’re not really selling anything here. This is a good example of a content email that’s meant to engage with your customer at a deeper level—growing your relationship with them as a result.

After all, the holiday celebrations call for mugs of some fine alcohol, don’t you think?


3. Show How You Are Giving Back to the Community this Thanksgiving

It can be a really great move to show give your emails a much-needed human touch, albeit virtually. Show your customers that you and your staff care about your community. Demonstrate what you’re doing to give back, just like Whistlefish.

whistlefish gives back
Source: Jeff Bullas

In addition to highlighting their charity efforts, they also preview their upcoming Christmas products. Marketing campaigns can be multi-dimensional, and both sell and deepen the customer relationship at the same time.

Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Cyber Monday, is also a great time to showcase efforts like this. You can even run a special charity-focused promotion. Again, Peet’s Coffee nailed it.

peets coffee email example

They collaborated with No Kid Hungry and donated a dollar for each pound of coffee beans sold. What a way to touch your customers emotionally!


4. Share a Gift Guide That Looks Great and Makes Sense

If you are releasing a gift guide, pick your products with care. You can even refer to Google Trends, or look at Amazon bestseller lists to get trendy gift ideas. Then, make sure to design it in a way that’s organized. If it’s hard to navigate, that defeats the purpose.

Finally, shell out for a professional design. A great gift guide helps you build brand awareness and engagement. People will share it by email or in person with their close circle of friends.

Gift Catalog Email


Pro tip: With email segmentation, you can create and deliver personalized gift guides that are relevant to each reader.


5. Incentivize giving in your holiday promotional emails

‘Tis the season to be jolly, good, and generous, so make sure your marketing efforts reflect that. It’s a great idea to help people choose your product as their gift option, by giving the shopper a little gift of their own.

If the gift itself is excellent, the email doesn’t have to be fancy or over the top. Choose a gift that aligns with your brand personality, and let your customers know by email.

Here’s an example of a gift email from Dog’s Landing where they gave a mystery gift to their customers for Easter.


6. Go big on holiday email subject lines

If you’re wondering what subject lines you can use around the holidays to boost open rates, we’ve got you covered. 

Black Friday / Cyber Monday

  • Leapfrog: Black Friday Savings without the Big Crowds! 
  • MadeWell: Your Boss Is Shopping Today Too
  • Dell: It’s Cyber Monday All Week! 
  • Herschel: Don’t miss out, it’s almost over


  • Peet’s Coffee: Last-minute gifting? We’ve got you covered.
  • JC Penney: Ho, ho, HURRY! Final hours for EXTRA 25% OFF
  • Target: Still need the kids’ holiday looks? We’ve got you.
  • Postmates: The Only Gift That Delivers!
  • Pottery Barn Kids: The BEST gift: 20% OFF anything (TODAY ONLY!)
  • UberEATS: Brr — warm up with some free hot chocolate.

If you want to win the holiday season, it’s not enough to spam promotional emails over and over. You’ll end up doing more harm to your business instead of leveraging on the holidays. Don’t forget to apply the best practices for your newsletters!

Add a personal touch, get the theme right, and blast off a social media campaign, and your holiday seasons will be very jolly indeed. Engaging with your customers at a deeper level requires an in-depth look into their preferences, needs, and pain points.

For that, you’ll need a dedicated team that can effectively and efficiently analyze your customer data and come up with data-driven strategies. With the end of the year sales just around the corner, we understand that you’ll be focusing your manpower making more sales to get that Christmas revenue.

So, why not hire an email marketing agency? Better yet, Chronos Agency is a customer lifecycle marketing agency that specializes in using email, SMS, and mobile push notifications to amplify your digital marketing efforts.

Get a boost in your holiday revenue and customer base growth by implementing our proven lifecycle strategies. Schedule a free strategy call with us and let’s see what marketing tactics will best fit your brand!



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Prepare for BFCM 2021 by Analyzing Your Performance During Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020

Employee contemplating Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 data

Besides being one of the biggest sales of the year, Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) is where all of the marketing strategies you’ve been tinkering with get put to the test. Yes, all of those campaigns, flows, and frameworks will culminate in one big sale that allows you to end the year with big numbers.

But if you were able to run successful campaigns last year, why not just copy-paste whatever successful game plan you had from BFCM 2020 to this one?

While your strategies from last year may have raked in significant sales and revenue, the eCommerce space is a turbulent landscape. Consumer behavior is constantly evolving and technological disruption is changing the way people shop. 

Despite the challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, eCommerce experts predict that this year’s BFCM is going to be even bigger than last year’s. And for you to prepare your brand for maximum sales and growth potential, you’ll need to look back at Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020.


2020 was a Game-Changing Year for eCom Store Owners

COVID-19 struck, businesses were paralyzed, and eCommerce stores had to adapt quickly to stay afloat. This sudden change in customer needs meant there was a big shift in priorities for eCommerce brands.

The pandemic forced online store owners to reevaluate their approach to marketing. One of the major shifts in strategy focus was customer-centric marketing. As the needs of customers shifted from luxuries to necessities, marketers needed to pay closer attention to their customers’ evolving pain points and shifting priorities.

This means making each marketing campaign you send out relevant to your customers to strengthen trust and loyalty. A strong and healthy customer relationship is what helped our clients power through the height of the pandemic.

To sum it up, high engagement, a streamlined customer journey, and a more satisfying customer experience have become the focus of eCommerce stores since the pandemic started. Our clients took what they learned from BFCM 2020 and have continued their upward trajectory all the way to 2021.

With that said, how can you best prepare for BFCM 2021?


Not Even a Global Pandemic Could Hinder Black Friday Cyber Monday

BFCM continues to be the biggest eCommerce growth opportunity for any online store. Even when the pandemic struck last year, BFCM 2020 was still explosively big—even bigger than pre-pandemic times!

There was a big gap in revenue generation between BFCM 2020 and 2021. BFCM 2020 generated 19.51% and 13.86% more revenue than 2019, respectively. The results showed that eCommerce sales were still booming despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Charts comparing Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 and 2019 data

The biggest driver of these sales was the surge in online traffic because of the large numbers of people paralyzed by lockdowns. Since the pandemic is still ongoing, consumers will be shopping online more than ever before this BFCM 2021.

In fact, about 70% of shoppers are determined to primarily shop online in the coming holidays. 


The Successful Strategies of Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Can Be Your Guide for this Year’s Biggest Sale Event

Results from last year’s BFCM can be your guiding light to winning big this BFCM 2021. From our clients, we noticed a couple of notable strategies you can use to help you optimize your online store for BFCM. 

Here’s a brief rundown of those strategies:


1. Invest in Live Chat Apps

It’s all about addressing customer pain points right when they need it. A live chat team can add a much-needed human touch to your customers’ shopping experience.


2. Streamline Your Store’s Checkout Process

People nowadays are an impatient bunch. A long and confusing checkout process will only result in more abandoned carts than sales.


3. Observe Sustainability

With demand for necessities rising and supplies just barely keeping up, you’ll need to promote a more sustainable means of delivering and packaging your products. Customers are increasingly concerned about sustainability and the impact their consumption has on the environment. You can assuage their concerns by offering green options like carbon-neutral shopping.


4. Offer Curbside Delivery

Staying home means staying safe, especially in this pandemic. Shopify conducted a study where they observed that the average order value (AOV) of a customer’s cart is much higher when they can opt for curbside delivery.

Interested to learn more about these strategies? We actually covered these in more depth in another article—check it out here.


Achieve BFCM Success this 2021 with a Data-Driven Mindset

On Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020, our clients generated $3 million in revenue! This was thanks in large part to their commitment to customer-centric marketing. With our tested and proven lifecycle marketing strategies, our clients made 113.23% more revenue compared to BFCM 2019.

You don’t always have to create a unique eCommerce strategy every time to stand out from your competitors. A lot of times, the right strategies are already in place—you just have to know how to apply them in the next challenge you’ll face.

BFCM is always a challenge because consumers’ needs and priorities are ever-evolving. Analyze the data from your previous marketing efforts and align your strategies accordingly to take full advantage of the huge profit potential BFCM has to offer.

Because of the big challenge ahead, you and your team would need to focus on making sales on the frontlines. This leaves little breathing room for a dedicated team that can focus on your flanks.

Chronos Agency is a premier eCommerce marketing agency that is committed to pushing our DTC clients’ customer-focused initiatives. Over 300 clients have successfully reached both their sales and customer satisfaction goals using our curated lifecycle marketing strategies.

It’s still not too late to gear up for maximum sales this BFCM 2021! Just schedule a free strategy call with us and we’ll help you create the brand-aligned BFCM strategy you need.

3 Creative Ways to Leverage SMS Marketing for Your BFCM Game Plan

SMS marketing has its reach and engagement advantages. However, when you try putting yourself in your customers’ shoes, you can only imagine how overwhelming it can get when your inbox fills up with a bunch of promotional messages from all the brands you’ve opted into.

At some point, you’re going to feel like opting out of your chosen brands’ SMS loop.

Now, let’s get you back into your eCommerce store owner’s shoes. The question now arises—how can you still make effective use of SMS marketing without blending into the ocean of marketing messages?


SMS Marketing Can Be More Than Just Pure Promotion

Just because your customers expect promotional messages from you during a sale doesn’t mean that’s all you should give them. You’ll need to make your brand’s messages stand out from the crowd. 

In order to add more value to your SMS campaigns, avoid turning it into an SMS version of your email marketing campaigns. With that said, here are three creative ways you can use your SMS marketing to engage your customers. 


1. Boost List Growth with Exclusivity

Exclusivity is a great incentive to encourage your customers to opt-in for important and relevant messages. Give your SMS channel more value by sending your promotions and special VIP deals (like early access offers) exclusively via SMS.

SMS marketing exclusive offer message
Source: Postscript


Also, create unique keywords to segment SMS subscribers into their own lists. This ensures you’re focusing your special content messages on customers who’ve opted for your SMS messages.


2. Use SMS to Find the Perfect Gift

Sale eventslike Black Friday and Cyber Monday​​are fun, but they can also stress out some of your customers. Plenty of choices can overwhelm your customers, so why not help them out?

Lead your SMS subscribers by sending your online store gift guides via SMS. This way, you’re giving them some great starting choices to guide their shopping.

SMS marketing Gift Guide link message
Source: Postscript


You can also use keyword-triggered automation in your SMS marketing. Streamline the customer experience by making it easier for your customers to find the products that they’re looking for.

All of this helps maintain the relevance of your SMS messages. 


3. Customize Your Automations

As we’ve hinted earlier, automation goes hand-in-hand with your SMS marketing. To make your SMS message even more special, why not customize your automations accordingly?

Set up your abandoned cart flow to be exclusive to BFCM deals, products, or sales. You can also customize your post-purchase flows based on the promotion that drove the sale.

SMS marketing customized automations sample message
Source: Postscript


This adds another level of personalization to your SMS messages, making them more engaging for your customers. The effect? Your customers won’t feel the need to ignore your SMS messages even when they’ve already received similar messages through email or other marketing channels.


SMS Marketing Adds More Flavor to Your Overall Marketing Framework

Just like our lifecycle marketing framework, there is more to a successful sale than just pushing purely sales campaigns. SMS marketing can be more than just promotional messages.

With these three creative ways to use SMS marketing, you can give your SMS efforts more value in the eyes of your customers—separating your brand from the rest of the generic promotional SMS flood.

SMS marketing is one of the marketing channels you need in your omnichannel marketing strategies. It also only covers part of the lifecycle marketing framework. As a premier eCommerce marketing agency, we at Chronos Agency believe that long-term and sustainable brand growth comes from having a strong and healthy customer base.

Are your team’s hands full with all the BFCM game plan brainstorming? Let us shoulder all your lifecycle marketing efforts! Just schedule a free strategy call with us and we’ll find what your online store needs to stand out and win big this BFCM.

5 Winning Messenger Marketing Strategies to Achieve BFCM Success

Messenger Marketing is more than just another push-for-the-sale channel. If you implement the right strategies, it can become one of your brand’s major channels in further building your customer base. This, in turn, sets your online store up for BFCM success.

Firstly, why leverage Facebook Messenger as a marketing tool for BFCM? Surely you already have plenty of other marketing tools that can effectively push more sales. That’s actually the point: Aside from pushing sales, Messenger is also ideal for building a solid customer base.

So, how effective is Messenger Marketing as a customer communications channel?

  • Messenger has 90% open rates, with 30% engagement rates!
  • 90% of Messenger messages are totally free—making it super cost-effective.
  • Simulates the brick-and-mortar experience, as it provides immediate back-and-forth communications with your customers. Also, Messenger messages feel more personal and conversational. They’re no different from real-time conversations—albeit not face-to-face.
  • You can rapidly grow your list at once, especially with Recart’s two-tap pop-up experience.
  • Connect, engage, and build relationships with your customers at scale.
  • Turn your social media channels into owned channels.
  • Drive better engagement and reduce your costs.


Messenger Marketing’s High Engagement Power Enhances Your Retention Marketing Efforts

Retention marketing is now one of the most important focuses of eCommerce brand owners. In fact, customer-centric marketing was one of the major projected trends of 2021.

With Messenger Marketing, you can reach out to all your customers who opened a conversation with you in the past year. This is a great opportunity for you to send them BOGO (buy one, get one) promos, flash sales, or similar offers. 

Do you have tons of followers on your social media profiles? You can use Messenger Marketing to convert them into email and SMS subscribers. Spark customer engagement by sharing tips and tricks on how your customers can best utilize your products.

Don’t forget, people always have additional questions. As James Denlinger, Digital Strategist of Bulksupplements, put it:


‘What if they had more questions? When people sign-up, you hit them with this sign-up message. Even if they know how much the percentage is or who you are, they always have more questions they want to know.

20 years ago, if you had these questions, you called the company. In today’s world, people say “oh look there’s a little text here that I can shoot them to ask my question.”

With technology nowadays, people expect to get answers quickly. Recart gives you that ability to have real-time conversations with these consumers.’


So, let your shoppers learn more about you. Help them check out key facts and features before committing to a purchase. For visitors who’ve shown interest but have not yet taken any action to buy, you can easily build educational sequences that let them proceed through the funnel. 

All this marketing without any extra cost, and with almost 100% open and 30% click rates to top it all off!


Achieve BFCM Success with Recart’s Top 5 Messenger Marketing Strategies

1. The Two-Tap Pop-up for Streamlined List Growth

The best way to encourage list growth is by simplifying the process for both you and your customers. Recart’s Two-Tap Pop-up streamlines a process that would usually need a lengthy form down to two steps.

Once your customers subscribe to Messenger, you already have your own channel. Scrollers will happily pass over their email and phone number in exchange for a little incentive.

At least 30% of scrollers will join your Messenger lists, along with your email and SMS lists. They would then hand over their emails and phone numbers with two single taps—it’s as simple as that. Take inspiration from 5 fast-growing brands on engaging incentive triggers and achieve up to a 30-84% visitor-to-subscriber conversion rate.


2. Boost Giveaways for Owned Channel Conversion

You can boost one of your giveaway posts or direct shoppers from a Facebook ad for your giveaway to an automated Messenger sequence. Encourage your customers to join a VIP group, unlock exclusive content, or subscribe to your email and SMS channels.


It’s not just an incredibly powerful way to turn your followers into subscribers, but Recart will automatically enrich customers’ profiles to make your campaigns more personalized than ever before.

Recart Facebook post connected to a giveaway conversation flow


3. Connect and Engage with Customers for Meaningful Relationship Growth

Let your potential customers ask questions or connect with you at scale. This is regardless of consumers having subscribed to Messenger, email, and/or SMS marketing.

Don’t settle with Messenger as just a customer information collector. Recart gives you the ability to have real-time conversations with these consumers.


4. High Engagement Retargeting

With big privacy updates down the road (such as the iOS 14.5 and 15 updates), it’s going to be harder than ever to strategically target customers. However, Messenger is one of those channels that can work around that obstacle.

Once you’ve got people subscribed in Messenger, you can easily retarget these people in Messenger to keep the momentum high. Additionally, you can further segment people based on properties like “purchase history.” This way, you can whittle down your audience with precision.

Improve your customers’ post-purchase experience by giving them tips and tricks, or inviting them to your community. See how 19 brands achieved 90% open rates while cementing relationships with their best buyers.


5. Proactive Communication

Slide into customer DMs to confirm their order. Nurture the relationship further by offering a discount on their next purchase. Or when in doubt, simply inform them of their shipping without being pushy.

Remember, Messenger Marketing is more about customer engagement. This is where you can either build hype for an upcoming sale or enhance your customers’ post-purchase experience.


Maximize Your Messenger Marketing Effectiveness with Recart

If you still have doubts about the power of Messenger marketing, Recart can clear it all up for you! 

Recart manages 13k+ fast-growing, innovative DTC brands. Having leveraged Messenger Marketing, you can easily build 1:1 conversations at scale. This way, you can engage customers and motivate them to spend more. Turn 3x more scrollers into buyers and grow your SMS and email lists 20X faster and cheaper. Make the shopping experience exceptional, seamless, and personalized.


“Mobile marketing is the future. With the acceleration of eCommerce, the ways consumers interact with businesses will continue to shift. The one-way, mass-produced, traditional channels won’t build relationships or establish trust.

Today’s consumers expect an exceptional, seamless, and personalized experience—on mobile. We not only built our product on that but are excited to see and implement what Instagram and RCS will open up in the future.” —Recart


Messenger Marketing is just one of the many owned marketing strategies that can enhance your customer lifecycle. Lifecycle Marketing is all about leveraging customer-centric strategies to promote consistent and sustainable brand growth.

To truly bring out the business scaling power of Lifecycle Marketing, you’ll need a dedicated team to focus on making data-driven decisions. Your team must already have their hands full, especially with BFCM fast approaching. So here’s an idea: let us shoulder all your Lifecycle Marketing for you.

Just schedule a free strategy call with us so we can get started on what your eCommerce brand needs to win big this BFCM.