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6 Holiday Promotional Email Tips to Boost Your Sales

UPDATED, 25 NOV 2021—There’s a reason why business owners look forward to the holidays—it’s the season of shopping! That means more sales and more revenue. So it’s only normal to go all out on your holiday promotional emails. Plus, you can seize this opportunity to connect with your customers on a deeper level and level up your brand’s presence.

While it’s important to make sure your emails are optimized to make the most sales, don’t forget to add in a healthy level of creativity to really make them stand out from the rest.  So, here are a couple of tips to level up your holiday promotional emails to get your customers excited and in the buying mood for the holiday sales.


1. Weigh in on Holiday-themed Emails

If you want to strike a chord with your customers as human beings, stick to the themes of the holiday season.

For Halloween, humorously playing with darker concepts is the way to go. For Christmas, generosity, humanity, family, and giving back are some overlying themes that come to mind.

Basically, each holiday has its own themes and connotations. So think of emails not just as ads for selling products, but as your gateway to showing who you are as a company. When done right, these are great tools to build brand loyalty.

Here’s a great example from the brand ForChics. They put just enough holiday spirit into their email while still remaining on-brand. The confetti in the background along with a reference to a classic jolly saying to their headline makes this a fun and engaging email that’s sure to catch your subscribers’ attention.

Sample Holiday-themed email from Forchics

2. Use Humor and Wit to Win

The holidays are a time to be playful! Sneak some pop culture references and clever wordplay into your emails to engage with your customers and get them hyped for the holiday sales.

Here’s a fun example from Wyvern’s Hoard, a fantasy-themed jewelry brand. Can you guess what they’re referencing in their email header?

The best part about this email is they’re not really selling anything here. This is a good example of a content email that’s meant to engage with your customer at a deeper level—growing your relationship with them as a result.

After all, the holiday celebrations call for mugs of some fine alcohol, don’t you think?


3. Show How You Are Giving Back to the Community this Thanksgiving

It can be a really great move to show give your emails a much-needed human touch, albeit virtually. Show your customers that you and your staff care about your community. Demonstrate what you’re doing to give back, just like Whistlefish.

whistlefish gives back
Source: Jeff Bullas

In addition to highlighting their charity efforts, they also preview their upcoming Christmas products. Marketing campaigns can be multi-dimensional, and both sell and deepen the customer relationship at the same time.

Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Cyber Monday, is also a great time to showcase efforts like this. You can even run a special charity-focused promotion. Again, Peet’s Coffee nailed it.

peets coffee email example

They collaborated with No Kid Hungry and donated a dollar for each pound of coffee beans sold. What a way to touch your customers emotionally!


4. Share a Gift Guide That Looks Great and Makes Sense

If you are releasing a gift guide, pick your products with care. You can even refer to Google Trends, or look at Amazon bestseller lists to get trendy gift ideas. Then, make sure to design it in a way that’s organized. If it’s hard to navigate, that defeats the purpose.

Finally, shell out for a professional design. A great gift guide helps you build brand awareness and engagement. People will share it by email or in person with their close circle of friends.

Gift Catalog Email


Pro tip: With email segmentation, you can create and deliver personalized gift guides that are relevant to each reader.


5. Incentivize giving in your holiday promotional emails

‘Tis the season to be jolly, good, and generous, so make sure your marketing efforts reflect that. It’s a great idea to help people choose your product as their gift option, by giving the shopper a little gift of their own.

If the gift itself is excellent, the email doesn’t have to be fancy or over the top. Choose a gift that aligns with your brand personality, and let your customers know by email.

Here’s an example of a gift email from Dog’s Landing where they gave a mystery gift to their customers for Easter.


6. Go big on holiday email subject lines

If you’re wondering what subject lines you can use around the holidays to boost open rates, we’ve got you covered. 

Black Friday / Cyber Monday

  • Leapfrog: Black Friday Savings without the Big Crowds! 
  • MadeWell: Your Boss Is Shopping Today Too
  • Dell: It’s Cyber Monday All Week! 
  • Herschel: Don’t miss out, it’s almost over


  • Peet’s Coffee: Last-minute gifting? We’ve got you covered.
  • JC Penney: Ho, ho, HURRY! Final hours for EXTRA 25% OFF
  • Target: Still need the kids’ holiday looks? We’ve got you.
  • Postmates: The Only Gift That Delivers!
  • Pottery Barn Kids: The BEST gift: 20% OFF anything (TODAY ONLY!)
  • UberEATS: Brr — warm up with some free hot chocolate.

If you want to win the holiday season, it’s not enough to spam promotional emails over and over. You’ll end up doing more harm to your business instead of leveraging on the holidays. Don’t forget to apply the best practices for your newsletters!

Add a personal touch, get the theme right, and blast off a social media campaign, and your holiday seasons will be very jolly indeed. Engaging with your customers at a deeper level requires an in-depth look into their preferences, needs, and pain points.

For that, you’ll need a dedicated team that can effectively and efficiently analyze your customer data and come up with data-driven strategies. With the end of the year sales just around the corner, we understand that you’ll be focusing your manpower making more sales to get that Christmas revenue.

So, why not hire an email marketing agency? Better yet, Chronos Agency is a customer lifecycle marketing agency that specializes in using email, SMS, and mobile push notifications to amplify your digital marketing efforts.

Get a boost in your holiday revenue and customer base growth by implementing our proven lifecycle strategies. Schedule a free strategy call with us and let’s see what marketing tactics will best fit your brand!



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8 Best Practices for Killer Email Newsletters in 2021

UPDATED, 15 OCT 2021—With COVID-19 still a threat and consumer behavior still on the social distancing shift, the eCommerce space managed to adapt to the current situation and prepared itself accordingly to make sure this year ends with a bang!

So why not follow through with this momentum by optimizing your email newsletters in preparation for 2021?

Amidst the clamor of aesthetic graphics, viral memes, 2-minute videos, and witty quips—email is still the one marketing tool that remains effective regardless of seasonal trends.

It isn’t just about any old generic email newsletter, email marketing has evolved into an elegant solution for eCommerce businesses to have these days. 

The role of email marketing to eCommerce brands can’t be denied, it has the potential to sustainably generate 30-40% of your eCommerce store’s overall revenue, when done right.

With the email automation life cycle and customer segmentation thrown into the mix, you as a brand can now optimize your customers’ preferences to build long-lasting relationships with their brand with ease.  

If you want to rehash your current newsletter strategy, these tips will surely get you to where you want to be. 

The question is, how do you stand out from a crowded inbox? The competition for attention these days is greater than ever. Better yet, how do you create a newsletter that people would actually want to open?

Without further delay, here are 8 tips for shaping up your email newsletters in time for 2021:


1. Keep it Short and Simple

The Miniskirt Rule applies to email newsletters too! They should be ‘long enough to cover what’s necessary, but short enough to keep things interesting.’

Remember, your content should be able to convey enough details and information but short enough to avoid being boring. Here’s an example from one of our clients—ForChics:

About this design:

  • A brief copy that hooks readers and hints at the value of the content the follows
  • Easy-to-see CTA button whose color stands out from the email’s overall color scheme


2. Don’t Overload it With Graphics or Images! 

Sure, graphic elements make your email newsletters attractive and fun to read, but keep everything in moderation!

Remember—the main goal of a newsletter is to inform your customers. From another one of our clients, Sommer Ray’s year-end sale email is a great example:

About this design:

  • Simple and straight to the point
  • Less is more—rather than filling up the whole email with graphics or product images, the big discount headline is already enough to catch your subscribers’ attention and tell them what they need to know


3. Stay Consistent with Your Brand

Your customers should be able to recognize your brand at a glance regardless of the seasonal theme. 

Don’t stray away from your colors, your design elements, and your visual guidelines.

Always align your email newsletters to your brand—this will help in making your business more recognizable and build your brand presence with your customer base and tell your brand’s story.

About this design:

  • Incorporates a Christmas-themed design without it drowning out the brand’s email design standards
  • Stands out from the usual off-season emails, reminding subscribers it’s indeed a special sal


4. Don’t Forget the Preview Pane

Only the top 200-300 pixels of your message are shown first, so you have to make those count big time. Make sure you have the important parts of your email newsletter fall into this preview range.

About this design:

  • Important details such as the code expiration and discount offer are at the top major portion of the email
  • Simple yet still effective design that’s easy on the eye


5. Make it Easy to Read and Scan

Not everyone has the time to sit down and read through everything in your newsletter. Often, emails are opened via mobile phones, and online users just browse through their emails. Why not make their newsletter experience more convenient?

About this design:

  • Simple, but with relevant and engaging visual content like images and videos
  • Smart use of white space and image so there’s more to see and less to read
  • Nicely contained copy that’s straight to the point and hooks readers


6. Include a Table of Contents

Even if your newsletter can be read quickly, there are still some people who just don’t have the time to even scan through your newsletter for that piece of information they’re looking for.

So, including a table of contents and using anchors to link each item to their corresponding sections would be super convenient for your customers. Here’s a great example from Cook Smarts

Source: Lyfe Marketing


About this design:

  • Simple and well-organized sections of content
  • Images are simple and attractive, showing what each of the menu items looks like to readers
  • Forward to a friend CTA at the bottom opens more opportunities to expand the brand’s email list


7. Optimize for Mobile Commerce (mCommerce)

Yes, it’s here and it’s not a myth. The growth in purchases made from a mobile device rose from 3.4% to 36.7% in just the past four years alone.

Just looking at the peak shopping holiday season of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) in 2018, mobile shoppers have grown a whopping 48.1% from 2017, contributing to about $2.1 billion in revenue. 

The future of mCommerce remains one of the brightest channels for eCommerce brands to tap into, so it is imperative that brands should scramble to capture this opportunity.

If these numbers aren’t the tipping point yet, mCommerce is predicted to dominate 54% of sales by 2021

So, if you’re not optimizing your email newsletters for mCommerce this holiday roll-out, be prepared to risk missing out on a huge chunk of the revenue your brand could enjoy come 2021. Here’s a mobile-friendly email design from Litmus:

Source: Lyfe Marketing


About this design:

  • Single-pane design allows it to retain its design integrity when viewed on a smaller screen.
  • Each of the sections is clearly defined
  • Smart use of different background colors to break up the newsletter into easier-to-read portions

The graphics are simple but they deliver each article’s essence


8. A/B Testing is Life! 

Whether you’ve read this time and time again in our articles or if this is your first time, we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to test your emails.

Which design choices worked better? GIFs or static images? Which is a better way to arrange the content in your newsletters?

Your first or second or even your third newsletter design might not get you the metrics you want on the get-go, which is why testing different email newsletter designs for your 2021 email game plan can help you find and create the design that performs the best and is well-received by your customers.

About this design:

  • Clear layout with great use of the zigzag presentation of multiple items
  • Attractive copy that emphasizes the value of the content and products
  • Catchy and attention-grabbing CTA


Create Action by using words alone 

Lastly, an extra tip from us is how you optimize your CTAs. Merely putting links is not enough.

How do you get your customers to click on your links? Rather than going for the generic click here links, go for actionable language like read more, donate, or unsubscribe

If you’re having a problem with getting your creative juices flowing, here are 3 eCommerce newsletter ideas that really stood out in 2019 to inspire you and get your marketing team started on your email newsletters for 2021.


One of Many Steps Towards Fully Engaging Your Customers 

Email newsletters work so well in establishing a direct line of communication with your customers.

Your newsletters act as the gateway for your customers to convert into buyers and maybe even loyal customers by helping them get to know more about your brand, products, and services regularly.

As you continue sending newsletters with relevant and quality content to your customers, you are sure to build a solid following, which in turn solidifies your foothold as an eCommerce business on the internet.

Aside from killer newsletters, what exactly makes an overall successful email marketing system? Learn about the inner workings of what makes 8-9 figure email systems tick by downloading our guide today—it’s free!

Do you want to maximize the effectiveness of all the other steps of your email marketing strategy? 

Please don’t hesitate to schedule a free 30-minute strategy meeting with us! We would be happy to do your email marketing for you.



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Chronos Agency Joins the AdLeaks Tribe! Prepare to Pick the Brains of 8-figure Heavyweights

This week, Chronos Agency is partnering with Adleaks, the world’s biggest advertising community. This partnership will bring tips and tricks of 6-figure email marketing strategies alongside the likes of top-notch 8-figure heavyweight advertising marketers. 

chronos and adleaks partnership

SINGAPORE ( November 29, Friday)— Chronos Agency has joined the Adleaks community! This platform features household names in the industry, like legendary Tim Burd, sharing their expertise in marketing and advertising. 


Daily Knowledge bombs spell Long-term Self-mastery 

adleaks website snippet

The Adleaks community provides an open platform for like-minded entrepreneurs. Here, they share their best practices and lessons, thus exposing fresh ideas and perspectives. 

One of the best features is the Knowledge Bombs which drops a wide range of topics daily! This section provides an impressive array of answers to questions you never knew you had.

How you define self-mastery determines the quality of your relationships.  Already an Adleaks member? You’ve probably seen us in their private Facebook Groups, getting into active discussions.

The professional community also offers space for authentic mentoring relationships. We believe this is another key to self-growth. This would come in handy as Chronos Agency sets its sights on expanding as a team and an email marketing agency.

Let’s just say this Chronos and AdLeaks partnership was a long time coming. The incredible insights brought home from Boston’s windy streets when Chronos founders, Joshua and Louis, attended Klaviyo’s BOS 2019 really highlighted the myriad of benefits from community-based sharing. 

So, finding our tribe in the Adleaks community was really a no-brainer! As the Chronos vision dictates, 

We carve out time and energy for self-mastery. To be the best team, we have to be our best selves, so we build time into our schedules to work on our skill sets and personal development”

— Chronos Agency Vivid Vision 2022. 


A New Herald of Thought Leadership

More heads are better than one. Definitely, more like-minds interacting and intermingling will give birth to a whole new level of thought leadership. 

According to the Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study carried out earlier this year, 

It (thought leadership) is more powerful than marketers think. B2B marketers and salespeople significantly underestimate the impact of thought leadership on demand generation and sales efforts compared to actual feedback from B2B buyers”. 

— Eldeman.

We can’t wait to hear the conversations we’ll spark with our peers in the community! This will translate into actionable insights for Chronos Agency and vice versa.

It’s also perfect timing for the new year! This includes our exciting collaboration with our new Cali-based outsourced customer experience partner and improved insights to convey with our eCommerce partners in the Adleaks community. 


Hey! I’d like to get in on this. 

Once you’ve exhausted the seemingly inexhaustible resources on the Adleak homepage, you can catch our weekly sharing on the secret Adleaks Facebook groups. You can do this by opting in for membership and tapping the thought leadership topics in Adleak’s digital marketing community.  

For a direct line on how to get started on revamping or automating your email marketing strategy for your brand, schedule a 30-minute free strategy call with us today!

Chronos Agency’s new HQ in KL’s Golden Triangle

Chronos Agency’s KL headquarters offers 360-views for their Digital Nomads

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: What’s a sure-fire sign that your team is thriving and expanding?

When you can finally decide to lay down some real estate on your once 100% remote-based team to meet on the daily! A collaborative hub to buckle down and hash out their best and most vivid eCommerce email marketing campaigns!

Chronos Agency has set up its first and newest headquarters in sunny Kuala Lumpur! On June 10th, Chronos Agency set up its first centralized hub for their digitally nomadic Chronosians located in WeWork at Equatorial Plaza.

Nestled in the Golden Triangle of KL, the 5-floors of office space features floor-to-ceiling windows, a light-filled airy environment pulsing with energy.

The Chronos team is strategically situated on the 18th floor. One of the team’s many perks includes a daily free-flow of coffee—did we mention the in-house barista? 

Source: WeWork

Chronosians can conduct their brain-storming in full-view of KL’s most famous landmarks like the Twin Towers and the KL Tower.

Does this space fuel the creativity needed for epic eCommerce email marketing campaigns?—that’s for you to decide.

Chronos Agency has always invested heavily in company culture with regular workations, open-access learning resources and a strong belief in self-mastery for everyone.

To date, they’ve managed to run a tight ship even with an ever-growing team all around Asia— 80% of whom reside in the Philippines!

Founders of Chronos Agency— Joshua, CEO, and Louis, COO, had set their sights on a space that would serve as a company-wide point of convergence to support the team during their work hours, their free time, and everything in between. 

Finally, they found it—the perfect space for their once fully remote eCommerce email marketing agency to converge.


Where Mondays never feel like Mondays

Source: WeWork

At Chronos, we help you build a life of fewer obligation, more freedom. Less going through the motions, more fulfillment.


Chronos Agency is the agency that coined Done-For-You email marketing for eCommerce businesses everywhere. 

By choosing to work exclusively with eCommerce partners or brands that are good for them, Chronos Agency’s biggest focus lies in optimizing client engagement and increasing revenue.

Of course, when there is work there is also play. 

It’s not about work-life balance, it’s work-life integration. The team in KL isn’t shackled with your typical 9 – 6 workday hours for 7 days a week. 


Source: WeWork

Instead, they still stay true to their creed of a nomadic working style that’s flexible for everyone—with some improvements to suit their growing team. 

The team divides their week between set days of being in the office and remote-working—a strategic remote-centralized working arrangement that enables freedom for creativity and in-person collaboration.

Seeing how cool their office is, you’ll most likely find a Chronosian hanging around the pantry or the couch every other day be it Monday or Friday. 


Onwards and Upwards

At Chronos, the founders have built the company with the idea that we should feel inspired by our careers, and not burdened by our to-do lists. There is a constant investment in their clients and in themselves—and it shows. 

With a 20 -30% boost in ROI through email marketing alone, the team owes its success rate by drawing from their cross-industry experience and data-driven strategies. 

What’s next? The team is set to expand in size across different time zones. With future plans of setting up another headquarters in LA, the globe is their canvas. 

Speaking of LA, founders Josh and Louis recently attended Klaviyo’s annual conference Klaviyo: Bos 2019 in Boston — so expect more to come!

Chronos Agency has set its sights on becoming the “the fastest growing eCommerce email marketing agency you’ve never heard of.” They’ll let the results do the talking, everything else comes as a natural benefit. 

Can’t get enough of the team’s workspace? Take the virtual tour here to get a better feel of where the magic happens or better yet, watch our video below!

Chronos Agency Gears Up for Q4 with Workation 2.0!

DUMAGUETE CITY, Philippines. Last September 5 to 9, 2019, thirty-one Chronosians from all over the world headed to Dumaguete City, Philippines—‘the city of gentle people’—for five days of work, fun, and leisure. This Chronos Agency workation has finally commenced!

Chronos Agency invests heavily in company culture. Therefore, regular workations are necessary for refocusing, recharging, and reinvigorating. As a fully remote team, Chronos team members communicate via Slack and Zoom. Thus, meeting one another in the flesh for a workation was a totally different experience.

[Read more…] about Chronos Agency Gears Up for Q4 with Workation 2.0!

Chronos Agency: Two Years of Email Marketing

Facebook started in a dorm room and Microsoft started in a garage. Like these tech magnates, Joshua Chin worked on side projects from his dorm room. Little did he know that he would soon be the founder and CEO of Chronos Agency, an eCommerce email marketing agency that helped businesses boost their email revenue. He had no idea he would lead 40 plus employees working from different corners of the world.  [Read more…] about Chronos Agency: Two Years of Email Marketing