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Harness the marketing system built and improved from over 400 clients‘ worth of experience. Grow your business by zeroing in on customer retention, and keep them coming back again and again.

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Who is This For?

Whether you’re a startup brand tired of doing everything yourself or an established DTC store looking to scale to the next level—lifecycle marketing has the ability to help you generate the numbers you need to meet (or even exceed) your goals!

Specifically, if you’re looking to—

🎯 Target your customers in places where they are engaged

❤️ Increase CLV (customer lifetime value) of your brand 

💰 Increase Email and SMS revenue share

💪 Build a strong audience of loyal customers 

💥 Do more with less when it comes to your marketing 

Then yes, this is indeed for you!



Client Testimonials

Why 7-8 figure DTC Brands Trust Us

Play Video about Longvadon

We were looking for a partner who would take care of the whole process for us, where we don’t have to spend that much time on emails and trust that it’s going to be ok…and that’s really been the case for us with Chronos. They really executed every single time, on time, and to perfection.

Play Video about Ben McLean, Benji Sleep

They have increased our email marketing revenue 10 fold. They also continuously look for ways to optimise our email campaigns by A/B testing and testing different design changes. Finding a really good marketing company isn’t easy to do. Thats why I’m so happy we’ve found Chronos for our email marketing.

Play Video about CISE Blake Van Putten

We've been able to continuously hit our revenue goals and exceed expectations. Flows, campaigns, and implementation are just something I don't have to worry about as we continue to scale.

Play Video about Quiet Punch

I had basically 0% sales from my email, and now it has increased tremendously. I’m at 20% and still growing. I have nothing but great things to say about Chronos.

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The level of thought, care, and intention that they've put into every single project has made me really consider them more like a partner than anything else. They've been absolutely instrumental in our growth--our email program which now has half a million subscribers.

Play Video

Week over week, email is one of our top 5 performing channels by revenue, and SMS is not far behind. It’s very consistent. We enjoy working with them and ultimately appreciate the success they are able to drive.

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Open and click rates are higher than before. And most importantly, the revenue generated by emails is higher than ever before.

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In 3 months, Chronos tripled our email revenue. We’ve never looked back since, and the team helped us bring an extra $4M in profits. Email & SMS marketing is now our key profit drivers contributing to at least 20-30% of revenue. Our profit margin has easily doubled. It outperforms any channel

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Withing 2 months, we doubled our email marketing revenue from 5% to at least 11%, even as much as 15-17% regularly. Chronos is the best profit generator for the business because the ROI is even higher than Facebook and Google.

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How it Works

Discovery Call

First things first: We’ll have a virtual sit-down with you and your team to go through your existing marketing framework. From there, we’ll evaluate your marketing systems and back-end processes.​


We’ll look into your existing marketing campaigns both in and outside of email, the different platforms you’re currently using, and even the branding and tonality of your content and creatives. No stone is left unturned!

This in-depth evaluation is key to help your and our teams see if your business can reap the full benefits of our services. Think of it as a crucial compatibility check before a bachelor and bachelorette commit to a relationship.

Strategy Session

After evaluating if your business is a perfect fit for our services, we’ll consult with our team of experts who will then make you a detailed marketing strategy road map —completely tailored to your business’ needs and goals.

This includes creatives such as written content and graphic design to the nitty gritty stuff such as your content calendar, email and SMS flows and campaigns, and even A/B testing, just to name a few.

Once all the setup is done, we’ll continue to monitor
and optimize your marketing framework.

What to Expect

 Within 90 days, you should start seeing results! 
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We have a scale-up plan and retainer system.

How to Get Started

If you’re a DTC brand that wants to make more $$$ to finally scale to the next level AND have it all done for you—then all you need to do is schedule a call with us.
We’ll Let the Numbers Do the Talking

Check Out the Results
We Bring to Our Clients

Truly Beauty

Truly Beauty paired up with Chronos Agency back in December 2019 as part of their goal to improve their email marketing systems.

Since then, Truly Beauty was able to grow not just their email marketing, but also their SMS systems as Chronos expanded their services into that marketing channel.

The Results:

  • 800% increase in monthly email performance
  • 333% increase in SMS revenue


In order to scale their business and reach out to more of their target audience, CISE partnered up with Chronos Agency. Since then, their email revenue reached 30% of their store’s revenue in just 4 months!

The Results:

  • 800% increase in email revenue
  • 350% increase in revenue per recipient


They reached out to Chronos Agency and ROAS Media to lead the transformation of their brand and marketing efforts. This involved executing a full lifecycle marketing strategy by revamping their website and exploring various paid channels.

The Results:

  • 130% increase in monthly email revenue
  • 40% of total store revenue comes from email and SMS


Their emails only generated 7-8% of their store’s total revenue. To give you a point of reference, the industry benchmark is 30%. So they brought in Chronos Agency to help ramp up their email and SMS marketing systems.

The Results:

  • 310% increase in email revenue
  • 94% increase in SMS subscribers
  • 42% of total revenue generated comes from email and SMS

Australia Furniture Warehouse

AFW lacked an optimized eCommerce marketing framework. They were suffering from high bounce rates and low revenue per email recipient.

Chronos Agency helped implement a customer lifecycle marketing strategy. By curating their marketing efforts to the needs and preferences of their customers, AFW was able to establish a strong foothold in the eCommerce space.

The Results:

  • 87% increase in email revenue
  • 81% increase in revenue per recipient
  • 84% increase in campaign revenue


They had a good list of subscribers that weren’t being fully utilized, meaning Pupnaps was missing out on more conversions through their subscriber list. Chronos deep-dived each email automation and campaign’s structure and pinpointed the key strategies that would make a difference.

The Results:

  • 71% subscriber growth
  • 50% increase in email revenue percentage
  • 34% increase in placed order rate
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Significant results will only start showing within 90 days of our partnership with you

While we can’t refund you for the initial payment you’ve made for our services, we promise to continue working with your team with no additional charge until your desired results start flowing in.

We use Klaviyo for setting up email campaigns, Sudiyo for your creatives, and Optimonk for pop-ups, just to name a few. If you prefer to use specific platforms that aren’t in our list, we can consider working with what you have.

We typically work with brands that have email lists with existing traffic going to their website.

We have a dedicated team of copywriters, graphic designers, EMMs, and account managers who will take care of your brand.

We mainly use Slack for quick communication and ZOOM for important and detailed updates.

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