Chronos Agency is an email marketing agency with cross-industry experience in data-driven eCommerce email marketing. We create and implement email marketing strategies that help you build a more sustainable and profitable business.

Our suite of  eCommerce email marketing services offers a hands-off approach for you as the business owner as it covers both strategy conceptualization and implementation. In other words, we will handle all the integrations, strategy, copywriting, email design, and technical implementation to ensure that your business enjoys maximum ROI from email marketing without taking away precious time or energy from you as the business owner.

Our Objectives

  • Improve conversions & revenue via email marketing
  • Increase email list size
  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value
  • Reduce Cost-per-Customer-Acquisition
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention

Our Goal Within 1 Month

Current State
in email revenue
Future State
in email revenue

*assuming $100k per month in store revenue

How Bright Eyes Contacts Grew Their Business By 37% By Partnering With Chronos Agency - eCommerce Email Marketing

Client Case Study

How Bright Eyes Contacts Grew Their Business By 37% By Partnering With Chronos Agency

Monthly Revenue Attributed To Email Marketing

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Email marketing with Chronos Agency - eCommerce Email Marketing
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