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2020 and 2021 pretty much blur into a blob of economic hardships and challenges. But from those challenges, eCommerce business owners managed to brave the storm and still stand strong.

How? Our lifecycle marketing experts put together an in-depth Industry Report detailing the key digital marketing moments of 2021—and you get full access to the whole thing!

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Aim for sustainable success by future-proofing your business and identifying top areas for continued improvement

While 2020 was when eCommerce business owners got the rug pulled from under them, 2021 was the year when they shook it off and recovered with flying colors.

With a helpful nudge from our lifecycle marketing experts, our clients adapted to and integrated data-driven strategies and more customer-focused approaches in marketing—helping them establish sustainable eCommerce success despite the still prevalent challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

From there, we continued observing other areas in the eCommerce space that stood out in 2021.

From tested and proven eCommerce marketing strategies down to the nitty-gritty customer approach and modern strategy adoptions, this Industry Report will give you the edge you need to start your 2022 strong right out the gates!

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