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SMS marketing that builds loyalty and record-breaking ROI for your eCommerce brand

With up to 98% open rates, SMS marketing is the hidden harvest in customer retention for eCom brands. See how our seasoned SMS  specialists help you develop powerful SMS flows and campaigns for steady growth in any market.

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Big efforts. Big wins.

No flashy promises, just a steady growth curve for our ecommerce clients through strategic, sustainable, and long-term customer retention strategies.

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Seeding growth with SMS

SMS is one of the biggest untapped opportunities for eCommerce brands. As a nation, reading and sending texts is our favourite phone activity, and a colossal 90% of shoppers want to sign up for SMS promotions.


However, SMS is often overlooked, misunderstood and underutilised. Our “textperts” have decades of experience crafting SMS campaigns that seed major revenue growth for eCommerce brands.

SMS marketing is more than sending texts with special offers.

From targeted promotions to reactivation campaigns, news and updates to product arrivals and more, we build SMS campaigns that are data-driven, meticulously planned and handcrafted by customer lifecycle experts.


Why does SMS work so well for eCommerce brands?

eCommerce SMS marketing can cut through like no other sales and marketing channel.


SMS open rates


SMS messages read within the first 3 minutes


ROI with the right SMS strategy


How we dial up revenue with SMS


Grow Your SMS List

Optimising checkout page copy, crafting lead capture forms, maximizing keyword exposure through various platforms, and integrating social media and in-store collaterals to engage audiences and encourage SMS opt-ins.


SMS Automation Systems

From Welcome campaigns to Abandoned Cart Flows, Post-purchase Flows and customer inquiry autoresponders, our SMS automation allows you to free up resources, provide best-in-class customer service and increase sales and loyalty.


Manual SMS strategy

Manual SMS is critical for urgent or highly personalised messaging, or situations where automation simply isn’t the best choice. We’ll create, execute and analyze your SMS manual messages to meet your monthly goals.


SMS Compliance

We’ll ensure that all your SMS marketing efforts are explicitly consensual—meaning all the contacts in your SMS lists have expressed full consent to you sending them your messages, as per TCPA laws.

Our process

We know every eCommerce brand has a unique relationship with their audience! That’s why we create tailored customer journeys for nurturing a new subscriber to complete their first purchase, recovering abandoned carts, generating reviews and UGC, and driving up your customer lifetime value.

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4.9-stars ON CLUTCH

See the emails that are growing the world’s best eCommerce brands

From the US to Australia, see how we’re strategically crafting lifecycle marketing campaigns that help our clients boost retention and YoY revenue. Check out our latest creations.


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Frequently asked questions

We are here to answer your questions so you can make an informed decision.

SMS communication enjoys some of the highest engagement rates across all mediums, and it’s also extremely cost-effective. When you send SMS messages to the right people at the right time, this can lead to increased customer loyalty and sales over time.

We start by collecting phone numbers and asking permission to send SMS messages. Typically this happens during a transaction or as part of a promotion specifically aimed at collecting customer details (e.g. a free giveaway, etc.) As you begin to build SMS contact lists, you’ll need to segment your audience so that you can send relevant messages that they appreciate and respond positively to. When sending messages, it’s important to be concise and compelling, personalize the content, leverage automation tools, and monitor results for steady, predictable growth.

Absolutely! SMS is extremely effective for eCommerce brands due to their high visibility; leading to a far higher engagement rate than other marketing channels.

Yes, but compliance with regulations is crucial. Your SMS campaigns must have explicit consent from recipients and offer people an opt-out option if they no longer want to receive your messages.

Popular tools include Klaviyo, Postscript, Twilio, ClickSend, ActiveCampaign, and Mailchimp (with SMS integration.) We can integrate your existing tools, or provide our own suggestions, if needed.

Naturally, results can vary depending on several factors, but it’s good to know that SMS marketing has some of the highest open and conversion rates, often as high as 98%! When combined with other customer retention strategies, SMS is a powerful marketing tool that can help scale your ROI and steadily grow your brand.

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