A team of passionate lifecycle marketing experts dedicated to client success and self mastery

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About Chronos Agency

Chronos Agency’s clients enjoy on average a 35x ROI on email marketing. We are a Done-For-You lifecycle marketing agency committed to unlocking true customer lifetime value for your eCommerce business.

We’ve worked with 200+ eCommerce clients to generate a 20-30% boost in trackable email revenue. Will your eCommerce brand be our next success story?


Our culture is one of our constant investments in our clients and
in ourselves. We are a company that brings in the best talent,
and then challenges them to grow even further.

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Core Values



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We focus on greater outcomes.

Working smart AND hard defines who we are. We trust the processes that support us and keep an eye on the outcome that we are striving for. We apply maximum effort on the right levers, not afraid to get our hands dirty in the process.

We take 100% ownership.

Accountability rules everything we do, and you can bet on not hearing excuses from our team. No one else can take away credit nor fault from our responsibilities. We claim complete ownership over our greater outcomes. This means taking responsibility for finding our way to reach our goals even if the road ahead is unclear and difficult.
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Rules Everything
We Do

Transparency &
Open Mindedness

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We practice radical
transparency and

Our culture thrives on the comfort to speak our minds – even if it’s uncomfortable. We open our minds so the best ideas win. Creativity flows and innovation flourishes. Our growth as an organization and as individuals call for it. As a result, we create meaningful relationships with each other and meaningful work with our clients because our word will always be trusted.

We take pride in our work
and honor it with excellence.

We go above and beyond what is expected of us. Our results are superior because we put so much care into our work. We are known for the highest standards for which we hold ourselves accountable, and this is reflected in the quality of work we put out to the world.
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in all we do


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We carve out time and energy for
continuous self-improvement.

To be the best team, we have to be our best selves, so we build time into our schedules to work on our professional and personal development. We invest in our growth through a “Kaizen” mindset of incremental changes that leads to massive growth over time.

Sound like you’re a fit?

Does Your eCommerce Brand Share Our Values?

If so, we’d love to help your business
grow to new heights through the
power of Lifecycle Marketing.