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Increase in Revenue from Email

38% Overall Store revenue from emails

28% Campaign revenue percentage

30% Flow revenue percentage


Higher Email Revenue

47% Store revenue from emails

31% Store revenue from email flows

120% List growth from May 2020 to December 2022


of This Store’s Revenue

40% - 50% monthly store revenue through emails

30% Open Rate maintained among 100k+ emails sent per month

1.5%+Average Click Rate among 100k+ emails sent per month


Email Attributed Revenue

60% attributed to email revenue

35% increase in average email open rate

3x increase in average monthly store revenue in 2021

17% ​

increase in email revenue​

17% increase in email revenue

34% email attributed revenue in the 90 days

49x SMS ROI during BFCM season in 2021

17% to 48%

Increase of Email Attribution

31% Increased growth in email attribution

48% Average email revenue by the end of 2021

188%Increase in total email revenue for 2021


Increase in Campaign Revenue

41% Email revenue in 2021

75% Increase in conversion

272%Increase in campaign revenue


Increase in Placed Order Rates

25% increase in repeat customers

64% increase in total store revenue since 2020

100% increase in placed order rates


Increase in Open Rates

25% email revenue in 2021

200% increase in open rates for campaigns

333% increase in open rates for flows

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