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Email Campaigns

These are your frontline troops—you’ll be using campaigns most often when reaching out to your subscribers. Their objective is to provide valuable content and relevant offers to your target customers.

Email campaigns are also great for establishing a conversation with your customers—helping you build trust and deepen relationships with them. You can also use campaigns to help you collect valuable customer information that can help you better cater to your target customers’ preferences.

High versatility and personalization make email campaigns extremely useful for any situation, be it selling products, contacting customers, sending company updates, or even celebrating holidays and engaging with your subscribers.

Automated Emails

Email Flows or workflows are a series of automated emails optimized according to various trigger parameters. These triggers can include a set send time (e.g. time of day or seasonal holiday events) or a follow-up to specified customer actions (e.g. signing up to your email, making purchases, abandoning their carts, etc.).

The keyword for email flows is “automated,” making them essential for smooth and efficient email marketing operations—and for contributing an automated flow of profits to your store that runs behind the scenes.


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