eCommerce Profits Podcast
by Chronos Agency

How AI Is Revolutionizing Amazon Pricing Models With Chad Rubin of Profasee

Chad Rubin is the Founder and CEO of Profasee, a dynamic pricing platform enabling brands to predict the optimum price for every product. He has …

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From Hustling to CEO: How to Systemize a Business for Growth With Sam Olawale of DigitalSuperSystems

Sam Olawale is the Founder of DigitalSuperSystems, a transformation-focused consulting agency specializing in scaling systems and helping people reach their full potential. As a keynote …

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Retaining Customers, Outperforming Competitors, and Building Brand Loyalty With Salena Knight

Salena Knight is a retail strategist, consultant, and speaker specializing in helping independent retailers grow their sales and maximize profits. She is a former award-winning, …

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Optimization Strategies for eCommerce Businesses With Duane Brown of Take Some Risk

Duane Brown is the CEO and Head of Strategy at Take Some Risk, an advertising agency that helps ecommerce, DTC, and SaaS brands create and …

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Creative Business Growth Strategies With David Burchett of Avance Vinyl and The Plug T-Shirt Store

David Burchett is the Founder and CEO of Avance Vinyl, a leading DTC shop with high-quality vinyl, rhinestones, sublimation paper, and crafting supplies. He is …

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Sell Your Business for 9-Figures Twice in 3 Years (Plus a $2B IPO)

Spencer Jan is the Co-founder of Solo Stove, an ecommerce brand that designs outdoor products. In 2021, he grew the company into Solo Brands and …

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