Instinctive and Open-worthy Email Designs for eCommerce Businesses

Discover where magnetic EDM design meets data-driven email marketing strategies.

What makes you stand out from a crowded inbox? Chronos Agency’s experienced in-house creative team produces quality and intuitive email designs to create visually stunning messaging that’s big on impact.

Build some serious long-term momentum and show off your brand with our email designs. It’s a fantastic opportunity to capture their attention. We’re talking about your potential customers and your VIPs here.

We’ve survived and aced through multiple cycles of holiday madness and BFCMs so we know how to professionally balance our creative production with effective execution of our service menu.

With fresh email campaigns built weekly, find out how the delivery technology of
7-advanced automation flows will deliver your email designs and gain their well-deserved air time with your customers.

You’ll lock in consistent and sustainable results for your brand through detailed monthly reports that allows you to easily track and manage your email marketing campaigns with us.

We take the creative elements of design and turn them into actionable strategy to drive measurable results for your eCommerce brand to meet your desired engagement and conversions. Get on board with our process and we’ll get you the results you want. Aside from our core values, here’s what makes us a great email design agency for your brand:

Discover effective EDM designs that cut through the noise and delivers your brand’s message.

Ideas flow, but execution is what matters.

You’ll be amazed at how we take over the design process. While it’s important to work with a good digital design agency, Chronosians are the eCommerce email marketing experts. Our graphic designers hail from a strong cross-industry background and have an expertise in creating magnetic visuals and targeted EDM designs.

Cross-platform optimization

While we stay on the pulse of what’s trending now, and create that much needed emotional spark. We ensure your brand stays accessible across platforms consistently through brand alignment, user experience and personalization. Just so your customers know it’s you.

A responsive and dynamic design team

Our team is young and dynamic, and always on par with the freshest trends. You’ll find that we’re quick to tweak your design for key optimization based off the data-driven insights we glean from the monthly reports we deliver to you.

Seasoned campaigns and data-driven execution

No two brands are made the same. We believe in finding the best email practices for your brand through advanced A/B testing to find what really works for you. Our aim is to enable a truly effective email campaign and find the most value from your campaigns for your brand.

Build some serious long-term momentum. With every email delivered, your customers will recognize it’s you.

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