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Learn how we helped Forchics generate an additional 7-figures in Email Marketing Revenue

ForChics is an an eCommerce beauty brand with a mission of empowering women. They’re committed to their promise of offering sustainable, cruelty-free products to accentuate the individual beauty of each of their customers. Their brand focuses on offering cruelty-free eyebrow and eyelash growth serums as a reminder to their customers that there is no…


How A Beauty & Skincare Brand Improved Their ROI By 16.5% Through Email Marketing

  Evanesce New York is the one stop shop for beauty gurus around the world. As beauty becomes more of a healthy lifestyle practice rather than just a vanity thing, people are constantly looking for ways to give their skin the kind of care it needs and deserves. This particular need is what drives the […]


How an eCommerce shop revamped its email marketing and increased email revenue 65%

  Sommer Ray’s Shop is an e-commerce store founded and curated by Instagram superstar Sommer Ray. Launched in November 2018, the shop is focused on providing top-quality women’s fitness clothing and promoting body positivity, wellness, and healthy lifestyles. In 2019, the shop partnered with Chronos Agency to retool its automated email marketing strategy with the […]

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