Facebook started in a dorm room and Microsoft started in a garage. Like these tech magnates, Joshua Chin worked on side projects from his dorm room. Little did he know that he would soon be the founder and CEO of Chronos Agency, an eCommerce email marketing agency that helped businesses boost their email revenue. He had no idea he would lead 40 plus employees working from different corners of the world. 

But here’s the thing about success—it doesn’t come easy and it takes work to sustain it. Josh had a pretty rough start with a bunch of failures before he decided to venture into copywriting consulting and enter the world of digital marketing.


An email marketing agency wasn’t the original plan.

In July 2017, he took a leap of faith. He decided to start his own agency that specialized in email marketing for eCommerce businesses. With Josh also working on sales and marketing, he was able to close his first-ever deal that same month. Louis Teo joined him in October 2017 and they hired their first employee the following month. Josh focused on sales and strategies, while Louis turned his vision into operational tasks that would maximize efficiency and effectivity.

Instead of following patterns and templates, Chronos forged its own organizational culture and continued growing. In August 2018, Chronos Agency was officially a corporation. By October 2018, the first ten employees of Chronos were in for the ride.


Today, we continue to grow.

Since then, the growth has only continued and shows no signs of slowing down. With a new Kuala Lumpur Office in 2019 and a total of 40+ full-time employees, Chronos continues operating on its core values with much passion and gusto. 

To date, Chronos has over $20 M generated in email marketing revenue for clients. This year, we are celebrating our second year of scaling eCommerce brands with email marketing. Day by day, we are working towards our Vivid Vision for 2022. 

Keep moving forward, Chronosians, because the world is our oyster, and there are more entrepreneurs out there who need our help.