Malaysia, Selangor (November 4, 2019)—Who says email marketing is DEAD? In fact, nowadays it’s more than just alive—it’s THRIVING! The impact of email marketing on eCommerce businesses just can’t be denied.

We had a full house of two classes worth of Advertising and marketing undergraduates looking for career opportunities aligned to their course.

They were in for a real treat as we shared some detailed insights into the world of email marketing.

Our spokesperson for the event—Alicia Gan—discussed all things email marketing and the crucial role it plays in the ever-growing eCommerce machine.


Email marketing is more popular than you think!

During the presentation, Alicia shared how you can find email marketing lurking in the background of everyday eCommerce advertising. Email marketing has always been an effective revenue channel for eCommerce businesses.

From product and service promotions to reminders reminding you about that online shopping cart you left, email still sees widespread use across the digital world. 

But of course, there’s more to email marketing than just simply using it. Alicia also emphasized the points you would need to keep in mind if you’re looking to get both the feedback and the conversions you need.

Better believe it! Email is 40 times more effective compared to Facebook and Twitter combined.


It’s Easy to Learn but Hard to Master

As high as the conversion rates email marketing has to offer, eCommerce businesses must first learn how to effectively use email marketing before they can see their effectiveness as a marketing tool.

The students learned about the three simple rules for maximizing the success rate of your email marketing strategies, namely:

  1. Proper email list segmentation
  2. Keeping your email list up to date to minimize—if not completely avoid—sending to inactive accounts
  3. Active A/B testing to ensure only the best of the best of your emails—in terms of content and design—are sent out to get the job done.

Alicia also shared how you could learn more than just email marketing from, well, email marketing.

You can gain skills such as indirect selling and effective guiding of your customers through the marketing funnel. 

And let’s not forget knowing your target audience from email segmentation and marketing efficiency through email automation.

By the end of the presentation, we experienced high engagement from the Advertising and Marketing undergraduates of IACT College.

Many questions arose about email marketing and many more about job opportunities in Chronos Agency, Alicia was more than happy to answer them all.

It was a great experience, because there are still students that think that email marketing is dead and not effective.

However, what they learned was that email marketing is very important for eCommerce businesses because these businesses need that platform to really reach out and get the sales they need.

—Alicia Gan, Special Projects

Chronos Agency is still growing, meaning more room for more opportunities

Since then, we’ve received resumes from two students applying for next year’s internship program. And of course, we’re still very much open to more applications!

If you’re interested in joining our team, learn more here!