Did you know that 97% of customers who visit your site end up leaving without adding anything into their carts (let alone actually buying anything). So while you could be seeing high traffic flow to your eCommerce store’s website, only a small fraction of that would actually buy something. Here’s where product retargeting emails come in.

Retargeting emails are great for reminding your window shoppers that the products they were eyeing are still waiting for them back at your online store. Like a cross between reminder emails and cross-sell or up-sell emails, this type of email acts as that gentle nudge to get your customers back and finally make a purchase.

With Q4 coming up in a few short weeks, you’re sure to experience a flood of online shoppers this Q4. Here are the best practices when it comes to using product retargeting emails that will help turn your window shoppers into product shoppers.


Focus on the Goal of Your Product Retargeting Email

Product retargeting emails boil down to one goal—to remind your customers that they are interested in a product that you are offering.Using this as your framework, This should narrow down on what you’ll put into the retargeting email content. 

Get straight to the point. Keep your content focused on the product of interest, and gently encourage your customers to return to your website. Don’t add in any other distractions.

Quick Tip—add a sense of urgency, especially if the product of interest is limited in stock.


Recommend Relevant Products

Try to get into the mind of the customer. The truth is, not everyone knows what they really want until it’s presented to them. That’s what makes good marketers stand out. They are able to convey to a customer that they need or want a certain product.

When you include product recommendations, you’re doing more than just giving your customers options. You are helping them find a better-fitting product. In the end, it’s a win for both you and your customers.

So not only are you highlighting more of your products in your emails, but you can also take the opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell other products. Just remember that they should still be relevant to the initial product in question.

Here’s a great example of a product retargeting email from ForChics, for your reference.

Along with the main product of interest, this beauty brand included a section for product recommendations in their email. 


Optimize Your Email Send Times

This goes beyond just finding the best email send times (which you can do via AB testing). As much as possible, your retargeting emails should be sent shortly after your customers view a product from your online store. Remember, timing is of the essence!

Here’s why this level of timing is important:

  1. It’s always best to strike while the iron is hot. What does this mean? It would be best to remind your customers of their products of interest while it’s still fresh in their minds.
  2. Your email will sit on top of the email pile. Inboxes tend to fill up with emails from other sources—fast. When you send your emails too early, they may end up buried under those other emails. If you send them too late, your customers might have lost interest completely by the time they get to your email.


Use Your Other Marketing Channels

There’s always more than one way to reach your goal and the same can be said for product retargeting. Expand your retargeting efforts to your other marketing channels to maximize your results. You can explore social media, Google Ads, and even cart abandonment emails.

Multichannel marketing is a must-have skill for eCommerce businesses that are looking to scale—especially now that Q4 is coming closer. So make sure you expand to other channels and use them for your marketing efforts outside of email targeting.


The Best Part—Product Retargeting Emails are Meant to Be Automated

If you’re worried about all the timings and action-based considerations, email marketing automation is here to save you the trouble!

Setting up email send schedules and action-based triggers don’t have to be complicated. Learn about all the tools you need to get the most out of your product retargeting emails.

Product retargeting emails are just one of many email marketing strategies available to your eCommerce brand. Do you want to learn more about other email strategies, the thought processes behind them, and the extensive A/B testing they go through?

Check out our Facebook community page—eCommerce Email Lab here we believe that great strategies aren’t found, but are made through high-voltage ideas and brutal A/B testing.


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