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Are you a startup brand tired of doing everything yourself or an established DTC store looking to scale to the next level?


Email marketing has the ability to help you meet (or even exceed) your revenue goals!


Specifically, if you’re looking to—

🎯 Target your customers in places where they are engaged
❤️ Increase CLV (customer lifetime value) of your brand
💰 Increase Email and SMS revenue share
💪 Build a strong audience of loyal customers
💥 Do more with less when it comes to your marketing

Then yes, this is indeed for you!

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Klaviyo Email Marketing


Meticulous store audit

Not sure where to start? We’ll dive into your DTC store’s email marketing systems and zero in on the cracks, wrinkles, and leaks to come up with a detailed action plan to kick your brand’s growth into high gear.


Advanced email list segmentation

Target specific audiences and watch your response rates skyrocket. Our advanced customer behaviour segmentation allows you to focus your promotional emails, upsells, cross-sells, and customer engagement emails for record-topping opens, clicks and sales.


100% Custom email content and creatives

Templates can only get you so far. Engage your target audience with relevant and eye-catching email content and creatives that convey the purest form of your brand’s mission and vision.


Automation trigger optimization

Automations help you maximise your background revenue generation while you focus on other store operations. We’ll automatically send the right emails, at the right time, to the right people, to meet your customer’s needs wherever they are in the buyer’s journey.


Flow optimization

Well-executed email flows can help you build relationships and increase revenue on autopilot. Not sure which email flows should you be using and which matter the most?


Continuous and rigorous A/B testing

Through continuous A/B testing, we’ll make sure your emails are delivering the highest possible ROI. From design to subject lines, send times and more, our data driven approach can unlock hidden revenue in for your store.


Content calendar planning

We’re here for the long-term growth of your brand, which means planning ahead. Our team will help you craft and regularly optimize a content calendar tailored to your DTC store and your target market’s preferences.


Metrics tracking

We’re driven by data and industry benchmarks. With a careful eye on your metrics, we’ll make sure your emails are getting the best possible results, and we’ll keep you in the loop with regular reports.

What to expect

Our results speak volumes


Happy clients enjoying long-term growth


Revenue generated through email, SMS and push campaigns


Average client ROI using our distilled strategies


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Klaviyo Master Elite Partners

As Klaviyo Master Elite Partners, we’re recognised as one of the world’s most experienced eCommerce email marketing experts. It’s a badge reserved for agencies that deliver best-in-class service and customer experiences, and we’re proud to wear it.

If you are using other platforms, we can still help!

Frequently asked questions

We are here to answer your questions so you can make an informed decision.

Being a Klaviyo Partner Agency means having a formal affiliation with Klaviyo, a leading email marketing platform.

Klaviyo Partners are typically agencies, consultants, or technology providers with specialized expertise in leveraging Klaviyo for e-commerce businesses.

As partners, we receive training and certification to become experts in Klaviyo’s features, enabling us to guide clients in optimizing their email marketing strategies.

Klaviyo Partners gain access to exclusive resources, such as marketing materials and case studies, to stay updated on industry trends.

This partnership fosters a collaborative environment where Klaviyo provides support, and partners, in turn, enhance our client’s marketing efforts through personalized and targeted campaigns.

Klaviyo Master Elite partners make up the best of the best of Klaviyo’s agency partners. These companies are chosen because of the high level of service and experience they provide to their clients–true experts in the field.

Each Klaviyo Master Elite partner has expressed commitment to improving their client’s business through the Klaviyo ecosystem. This is done by way of certifications, stellar key metrics and net promoter scores, integration of new features, and high trust and reputation within the industry.

Chronos has been a Klaviyo Master Elite Partner since March 2022. There are only a handful of these in the world, and Chronos is one of them. We are one of only nine in the APAC region.

Klaviyo offers a robust and user-friendly platform specifically tailored for ecommerce businesses, allowing marketers to create highly targeted and personalized email campaigns.

Its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality make it accessible even for users without extensive technical expertise.

What Klaviyo email marketing excels at is data-driven marketing. It seamlessly integrates with ecommerce platforms, enabling marketers to leverage customer data to create dynamic and personalized email content.

The platform’s advanced segmentation and automation features help marketers send timely, relevant messages based on customer behavior, preferences, and interactions.

The ability to measure the impact of email marketing efforts helps refine strategies for better results.

Klaviyo’s functionality is geared towards optimizing the creation and execution of targeted and personalized email campaigns.

Through advanced segmentation, businesses can categorize their audience based on factors like customer behavior and purchase history, enabling the delivery of highly relevant content. Automation features in Klaviyo allow the setup of triggered email flows, such as welcome series and abandoned cart reminders, streamlining communication and enhancing customer engagement.

The platform also excels in personalization, enabling marketers to dynamically customize emails based on individual customer data, fostering a more tailored and compelling customer experience.

Klaviyo extends its capabilities beyond email marketing to include SMS marketing, providing businesses with a comprehensive multichannel approach to customer engagement.

In the realm of SMS marketing, Klaviyo allows marketers to leverage personalized and targeted text messages to reach their audience directly. This includes setting up automated SMS flows triggered by specific customer actions, such as a welcome series or order confirmations.

Klaviyo’s strength in segmentation carries over to SMS marketing, enabling businesses to categorize their audience based on various criteria for more precise targeting.

Moreover, Klaviyo’s unified platform facilitates the synchronization of customer data between email and SMS channels, ensuring a cohesive customer experience.

Yes! Klaviyo itself is a robust platform that can help scale your digital marketing efforts. However, having a solid strategy is key–and that can be done by auditing your brand and getting some expert advice on how to achieve greater results.

While Klaviyo email marketing is notably popular among ecommerce businesses, it is not exclusively designed for this sector. Even if the platform has specialized features tailored to meet the unique needs of ecommerce marketers, Klaviyo can also be used by businesses in other industries.

Klaviyo’s strength lies in its data-driven and personalized marketing approach, which can benefit any business looking to engage with its audience more effectively. The platform’s robust email marketing, automation, and analytics capabilities make it versatile for organizations across different sectors.

Many businesses, regardless of industry, appreciate Klaviyo’s user-friendly interface, advanced segmentation options, and the ability to integrate with various platforms for a seamless marketing workflow.

Whether a business sells products online or offers services, Klaviyo’s features can be adapted to create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

While the platform’s feature set aligns well with the needs of ecommerce businesses, its flexibility and scalability make it a valuable tool for a broad range of organizations seeking to enhance their email marketing strategies and overall customer engagement.

Working with a top-tier partner can offer several advantages for your ecommerce store.

Master Elite Partners have the highest level of Klaviyo expertise and certification. This ensures that we have an in-depth understanding of the tool’s capabilities and can provide optimal solutions for your specific needs.

Master Elite Partners like Chronos Agency also have a proven track record of successful campaigns. You can be assured that we have a high level of ability to deliver the knowledge and results that you need.

Working with a Master Elite Partner also ensures you receive priority support from Klaviyo, which can be crucial for maintaining the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Chronos Agency is a global ecommerce growth marketing agency specializing in email marketing.

We work with DTC brands to scale their business to the next level by focusing on retention. We help you provide valuable experiences across the customer lifecycle, being at every touchpoint that makes sense to your audience. This includes Email, SMS, Push Notifications, Social Media, and more.

By being an extension of your marketing team, we leverage our expertise and tried-and-tested strategies so that you can focus on growing the other parts of your business.

Chronos Agency was founded in 2017. In the six years since, we’ve been responsible for implementing sustainable growth strategies totalling over $250M in attributable revenue across 400+ brands.

Our clients come from all over the globe, and we serve major DTC brands in the US, UK, Australia, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

We are a certified Klaviyo Master Elite partner, Postscript partner, and Tapcart partner. We are also named a Global Top B2B Company by Clutch and one of their Clutch Global Winners and Clutch Champions for 2023.