What would make your lifecycle marketing create incredible revenue, loyalty, and sales? The kind that successful eCommerce stores always talk about? 

The answer: Full VIP access to the leading marketing automation platform in eCommerce!

We’re stoked to announce that in March 2022, Klaviyo has officially recognized us as one of their ELITE Master Partners!

Chronos Agency now a Klaviyo Master Elite Partner

Reaching this milestone meant that Klaviyo recognized our passion in helping our clients succeed. In Klaviyo’s own words: 

Chronos Agency has skyrocketed to Elite in the Klaviyo Partner Program over the last four years through dedication and expertise. Their team is HQ’d in Singapore with clients across Asia, Australia, the UK, US and further afield! They’re Klaviyo experts from the ground up and give expertise back to the Klaviyo community in the form of their renowned whitepapers and podcasts!”

How many Klaviyo Master Elite Partners are there?

in the World
in Asia
(that's us! 😎)

Of course, we couldn’t have reached this peak-level partnership without the trust of our 400++ client base. Their faith in our skills paved the way for us to keep doing what we do best—delivering sustainable and scalable eCommerce success.

What does this mean for you?

With an even stronger relationship with Klaviyo, you can expect—

  • More detailed and in-depth customer data for more effective data-driven email and SMS setups
  • Quarterly access to Klaviyo leadership and key staff. This creates a more collaborative effort toward your email and SMS marketing optimization
  • Quarterly roadmap updates (via events and webinars)

To this day, our client brands are enjoying sustainable profits and business growth. So, what does it take to reach these numbers in the first place?

In our experience, the biggest roadblock is clients don’t know how much revenue they can still generate.

What’s next is figuring out how to unlock the full profit potential of your eCommerce store. Look into touchpoints in the customer journey that you haven’t taken advantage of yet.

What makes Chronos Agency the right agency for you?

What makes us stand out from other digital marketing agencies? It’s our hell-bent attention to data-driven strategies.

It’s this focus on cold hard numbers. This allows us to craft completely tailored brand scaling strategies that work for YOUR online store.

The numbers never lie. We’ve noticed a common pattern across many of our clients who approach us—the need for more customer-centric tactics.

A deeper and thorough understanding of your target audience is key for you to sustainably increase your conversions. This ultimately increases your revenue.

To make this happen, you’ll need a creative, knowledgeable, and reliable team that listens to the numbers.

Our clients enjoy our focus on collaboration and our drive for client success

How exactly can you use Klaviyo and our expertise to scale your business into the 7 to 8-figure tier?

If you find your company lacking the manpower to cover the crucial aspects of lifecycle marketing, then we’ve got great news for you!

We’re just a call away! Schedule your FREE Klaviyo strategy session with us! Let’s craft the custom lifecycle strategy your online store needs to finally scale to the next level.