November 17, 2019—Landing Page Guys Co-Founder Oliver Kenyon held a Facebook live session featuring Chronos Agency Co-Founder and CEO Josh Chin. In their session Josh answered questions on how you can maximize your profits when making money from your email lists. They also dove into how Chronos Agency works their email marketing magic. Oliver also touched on a bit of their background as a company.

50% interview, 50% Q&A—100% insightful. Oliver and Josh kicked off the stream with a brief background on Josh of how he started out as an aspiring entrepreneur all the way to building his own company (now with more than 50 diligent employees!).


Chronos Works Behind the Scenes

Most businesses focus their sights on the front-end conversions, and that’s understandable. However, Chronos Agency handles the back-end operations of a business. There, the Chronos team finds areas where their client can make more money and generate more conversions from their email lists using email marketing. A backroad for sustainable revenue, if you will.

As much as possible, the Chronos team focuses on email marketing as a solution that “plays nice” with other marketing strategies their clients would already have in place. 

Email marketing has always been and always will be a conversion optimization solution as opposed to the lead generation power of paid strategies. But there are instances where, as the team focuses their efforts on optimizing a client’s email funnel, the positive side effects of a well-oiled email marketing machine would be increased traffic flow to the client’s website. 

So with the right tweaks here and there, the effects of well-optimized email marketing ripple into the client’s other strategies. This comes to show how email marketing, even as more of a back-end marketing operation, can still affect and support the front-end side of your business’ conversion efforts.


Josh Recommends Klaviyo as Your Email Service Provider (ESP)

While Chronos Agency is a Platinum Partner with Klaviyo, the loyalty and hype for Klaviyo is a genuine one.

Klaviyo gives you full control of your customer data and with what you can do to manipulate that data with maximum results.


—Josh Chin

Josh explained how you can split customer bases into preferences based on what they have seen in your store. including what they have bought previously, what they’ve added to cart previously, and what the predicted value of that customer is like in a certain period of time.

You can compile and easily analyze all this information, helping you make data-driven decisions and strategies—giving you an advantage over your competitors.

To back the hype more, Klaviyo has machine-learning capabilities. Meaning, as it gathers data on your target audience it can learn to pick up on patterns that it can highlight in reports for more in-depth data analysis. You can read more about how Klaviyo uses AI to predict crucial data such as customer lifetime value for eCommerce businesses. 


Catch Josh’s Tips on Making Money from Your Email List and More Out of Your Email Marketing

What are some ways you can raise your Average Order Value (AOV)? If you’re looking for an Email Service Provider (ESP), which should you go for and why? What strategies did Josh use for managing his mostly remote teams? There is more to email marketing than just literally making money from your email lists. Hear the answers to these questions and more from Josh himself by following the link to the full video here. Go catch some valuable knowledge bombs!

But one tip that always surfaces whenever we talk about getting the most out of your email marketing is automation. Email marketing automation is one of our top recommendations for efficient email marketing operations.

And if you’re already well into email automation, unlock its full potential by learning about the seven automation flows. Get to know the different tools you can use. You can also study some best practices you can integrate into your automated campaigns.


What’s Next for Chronos Agency?

Just fresh off the press on May 19, Josh had a collaboration session with Conversion Fanatics CEO Justin Christianson where they held a live Conversion Masterclass online. So in case you missed it, we’ll be covering that online session on our next press release. We’ll also provide you guys the link to the full recorded video in that same press release for your convenience..

But if you really can’t find the time to focus on your email marketing, we can cover that for you! Just fill out our form (it’ll only take 5 minutes) and schedule a free strategy call with us. Don’t forget to check out the Landing Page Guys. If you need high converting landing pages and websites, they’re your guys!