August 13, 2020 — Joshua Chin, CEO and co-founder of Chronos Agency, shared his more personal experiences during his development as a person and an aspiring entrepreneur in The Agency Founder Podcast with host Jeromy Sonne. He emphasized the idea of building meaningful business relationships. Especially how it plays a major role in growing your business.

Chronos Agency has come a long way since that spark of inspiration Josh had back in his dorm room days. Josh had his fair share of ups and downs. All of which helped build his character to become one of the big thought leaders in the eCommerce space today.


Building Your Business Through Meaningful Relationships, The Chronos Journey 

At first, Josh provided his email marketing skills for free, until he got referred to his first-ever major client. After some time of providing excellent work and building his rapport, the client referred him to even more clients.

This, in turn, gave Josh more opportunities—allowing him to take the next step in growing his brand. He got his childhood friend onboard as his COO and employed their first employee. After which, led all the way to growing to the 60+ strong remote team that is Chronos Agency today.

Building the network he needed was what Josh focused on. He believes that true growth, as both a person and brand, really comes from the connections you make along the way.

Another point Josh shared was why people would go for the agency business model. It’s because of how relatively easy it may seem to start up, start profiting, and, overall, have low risks. 

However, it isn’t really the upsides that would keep you going—it’s the struggles.

Coming into terms with the struggles that come with the agency business model is the cornerstone to success and sustainability of your business. For agencies, these struggles are generally people-related, according to Josh. Ironically, the success of an agency is also hinged on the people it connects with.

Which brings us back to building meaningful business relationships. Focus on connecting with people who you know line up with your brand’s goals. This goes for both your colleagues and clients.

In fact, it is from the strong business relationships we have built that Chronos Agency grew to what it is today. This year, the Chronos team has hit another milestone. We earned the praise of our clients and the recognition of Clutch as one of the leading email marketing agencies in Asia.   

Interested to know more about the direct link between the growth of your business and building meaningful relationships? You can head over and listen to the full podcast episode here.


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