Drive customer lifetime value and
boost average ROI by up to 35x.

If you choose a strategy based on ROI and lifetime
value alone, which would you choose? Growing and
scaling an eCommerce brand is a different story.
Achieve your gains for the long run.

Our aim is to build a long-term partnership that helps grow your eCommerce brand.
From the outset, our experts will sit down with your team and listen to your specific business
needs. We can provide 100% outsourced services, DIY, or guided email marketing strategy.
We’ll cover everything from tech stack and integrations to brand alignment and KPIs.

The Chronos Experience

AUTO-matic Access To TRUE Lifetime Customer Value

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1A Image
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A - ssess Your eMess 🙂

We assess every aspect of your business
and your email strategy, discovering what
works the best, what must be altered, and
what must be avoided like
the plague

We'll take a deep dive into the ins and outs of your
brand, your business and your audience to find out
exactly how to crack the code to long term customer
loyalty, value,
and engagement.

2U Image
2U Image
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U - nique Strategy
Creation and Execution

We tailor a custom-fit email strategy and
system for your one-of-a-kind business

We pinpoint your perfect marketing plan, strategy
and execution style to reach your specific short and
long term goals.

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3T Image
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T - est For The Best Results

Test, test, test to get you the
highest ROI

As scientists first, and creatives second, we regularly
test, monitor and report every spec of data to ensure
that we are never playing a guessing game with your
or your emails.

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4O Image
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O - ptimize and
for Success

Time to optimize, expand, and
automate your emails.

After your "foundational email empire" is built, we double
down on what works and move on to our enhancement
phase. This is when your growth goes into hyperdrive and
true lifetime customer value
is unlocked.

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Reach Next Level Growth?


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