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Building a Successful eCommerce Brand With Andrew Sabbatino of PowerHouse

Andrew Sabbatino

Andrew Sabbatino works with PowerHouse, a company that helps entrepreneurs, businesses, and brand owners build, scale, and exit their companies. At the age of 11, Andrew got his start selling physical products by consigning his craft arrows to touristy gift shops in his area. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, he has been instrumental in building brands and has a long history in the ecommerce space.

Creating marketing campaigns for growing DTC ecommerce brands, he is head of the email and SMS division at PowerHouse Mastermind. Andrew is also the COO of Safe Life Defense, where he helped build the company from out of a garage to doing 50 million dollars a year over just five years.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Andrew Sabbatino shares his experience running a DTC body armor brand
  • Andrew’s journey in the ecommerce space
  • What is PowerHouse Mastermind, and how can ecommerce businesses get involved?
  • Andrew’s tips for creating profitable ads and marketing campaigns to drive revenue
  • How to find affiliate programs to promote
  • How can brands ensure lifetime value when launching new products?
  • How Andrew’s business helps brands create offers
  • Andrew’s secret to success: masterminds

In this episode…

Scaling your ecommerce brand can be overwhelming at any stage of the process. It requires implementing strategies such as marketing campaigns, content creation, promotions, and ensuring customer lifetime value with every new product or service. With so many factors involved in business growth, how can you determine the best approach?

Consider joining an ecommerce mastermind. These peer facilitating groups offer advice and best practices for profitable growth. Learn from other ecommerce brand owners about how to enhance your strategies and even build productive partnerships to cross-promote content. And with an established mastermind like PowerHouse, you can acquire the knowledge to achieve optimal success.

In today’s episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast, Joshua Chin sits down with Andrew Sabbatino to discuss the best methods for scaling an ecommerce business. Andrew talks about creating profitable ads and marketing campaigns to drive revenue, ensuring lifetime value when launching new products, and how ecommerce brands can join PowerHouse Mastermind.

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Episode Transcript

Intro  0:04

Welcome to the eCommerce Profits Podcast where we feature top founders and experts in the ecommerce Industry and take an in depth look at their struggles and successes and growing ecommerce brands profitably

Joshua Chin  0:18

Hey guys, Josh Chin here, and the host of the eCommerce Profits Podcast, where we feature top experts and entrepreneurs in the ecommerce Industry. And we go behind the scenes of the struggles and successes in growing a brand. Now this episode is brought to you by Chronos Agency. If you run a direct to consumer ecommerce brand that is ready to scale and to double your customer lifetime value to retention marketing. Chronos is your company who has helped hundreds of brands scale profits, with email, SMS and mobile push will getting an average of 30 500% ROI from our efforts to work with brands like truly beauty, the lightest skin, the UI and many more. And the next step is to email us at sales@chronos.agency or you can go to chronos.agency to learn more. Now today’s guest is someone with an incredible set of skills and experiences. I’m super excited to have him on Andrew Sabbatino. Andrew, they get your last name right.

Andrew Sabbatino  1:16

You did. Thank you, Josh. Perfect.

Joshua Chin  1:19

Now Andrew runs a couple of things. And he’s got a long history in the ecommerce world, starting at age 11, when he first started selling physical products. We’ll talk a little about that when we get started. But today, he runs a business building funnels for creators. And he heads up the email and SMS division for an amazing mastermind called the PowerHouse Mastermind alongside Josh from Snow Teeth Whitening and Los. And we’ll talk a little bit about that experience as well. And before that, Andrew was DCOO, and I guess you basically let the team from what where was the revenue at with sale, Safe Life Defense, when you first started out, Andrew, and you took that business from where you started to 50 million in revenue a year in just five years time. That’s not a long a lot of time. For I mean, in most businesses, but ecommerce, that can be a long time. So tell us a little bit about let’s start there. 50 million a year in revenue. That’s a feat that not many ecommerce entrepreneurs can claim. What was that? Like over the past? Five years?

Andrew Sabbatino  2:47

Yeah. So I mean, when that business started out, my friend, Nick actually started that business. And he had started in a garage. He had no experience in ecommerce. He had just kind of seen some my successes before with Amazon FBA. And he kind of started getting interested in and he was running like a service based industry here in Las Vegas, doing stuff with like clubs during like club promotions and stuff. So he had started the company. And I came in maybe a couple months after it had started and started helping out there. And basically, I mean, it was started in a garage, we had this like little crappy office that we got, it was like 800 bucks a month or something like that tiny little warehouse. Like the air conditioning didn’t work well. And from that little office, that business is now in 139,000 square foot building. Wow. Yeah.

Joshua Chin  3:36

And now it’s Safe Life Defense for people listening skills, body armors and technical gear. I’m definitely not not familiar in that in that space. And I never thought that this was a sector in the industry that could go direct to consumer. Tell me a little bit about the business model and why that works in the first place.

Andrew Sabbatino  3:57

Yeah, so I didn’t know much about that industry or really anything at all, when we got started and needed a deck really he just started researching our zone. And he was really good at product development. That was his skill set. That’s why the company was able to like release such cool products and we were able to like kind of grow at such a massive scale on that end because we had good innovative products. But it’s direct to consumer because there’s a lot of underserved pieces of that market. Most people would be think that like a police officer is going to be given their armor like their their bulletproof vests. And most time that’s actually not the case they have to purchase it themselves. And then there’s all kinds of other sub sectors like security, EMS, firefighters and other people that do want armor or have to have it for the job that their companies don’t provide it for them. So we actually were like one of the first brands to go like direct to consumer on Facebook with that on the only like one other brand air 500 which has also been super successful. They just saw a different type of armor.

Joshua Chin  4:56

That that’s incredible. So you’re you’re not selling to civility, civilians. And you’re mostly selling to professionals, people who actually need on a daily basis.

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