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Personalizing the On-Site Experience To Drive Conversions With Csaba Zajdó of OptiMonk

Csaba ZajdóCsaba Zajdó is the CMO and Founder of OptiMonk, a software company that helps ecommerce businesses increase sales and drive conversions. OptiMonk offers companies customer-specific laser-targeted messaging aimed directly at existing and new customer acquisitions delivered at just the right moment. As a serial entrepreneur, he spent his entire career building and optimizing ecommerce sites to drive conversions. Csaba is also the CEO and Founder of Innonic and the Founder of Shoprenter. He’s helped launch thousands of online stores, is a regular speaker at ecommerce conferences, and is the author of numerous articles and studies.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [2:49] How OptiMonk allows ecommerce businesses to personalize the customer journey
  • [5:40] The importance of on-site personalization
  • [8:36] Csaba Zajdó’s three-step process for personalizing the user experience
  • [17:20] The common mistakes brands make when using pop-up ads
  • [21:43] Csaba shares what’s next for OptiMonk
  • [24:52] Advice for entrepreneurs launching and growing startup companies
  • [30:03] What Csaba learned about growing a business from playing video games
  • [37:01] Csaba and Joshua Chin discuss the benefits of transparency in company culture

In this episode…

As an ecommerce brand, it’s crucial to personalize the customer experience. Yet, businesses often disregard their landing pages or on-site ads and lose potential customers, leaving money on the table. So, how can you optimize your website to drive conversions and increase sales?

To start, Csaba Zajdó recommends implementing a strategy for lead captures. This involves personalizing your site’s pop-up ads to solve individual problems. Next, incentivize the click by offering a discount or reward to gain specific knowledge about the customer. With personalization as an alternative to generic pop-up ads, you can effectively upsell, convert, and engage with your users.

In this episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast, Joshua Chin interviews Csaba Zajdó, CMO and Founder of OptiMonk, about personalizing the customer experience to drive conversions and leads. Csaba explains the impact of website personalization strategies, his three-step process for personalizing the user experience, and advice for entrepreneurs launching startups.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:04

Welcome to the eCommerce Profits Podcast where we feature top founders and experts in the ecommerce Industry and take an in depth look at their struggles and successes and growing ecommerce brands profitably.

Joshua Chin 0:18

All right, what’s good people Josh Chin here. I’m the host of the eCommerce Profits Podcast, where we feature top experts and entrepreneurs in the ecommerce Industry and we go behind the scenes of the struggles and successes in growing a brand. Now this episode is brought to you by Chronos Agency. If you run a direct to consumer ecommerce brand that is ready to scale and to double your customer lifetime value true lifecycle marketing, Chronos is your company. We’ve helped hundreds of brands scale profits with email, SMS, and mobile push, and many more, while gaining an average of 3500% ROI from our efforts. We’ve worked with brands like truly beauty, the UDI, Dr. Livengood and many more. The next step is to email us at sales@Chronos.agency, or you can go to Chronos.agency to learn more. Now, today’s guest is Csaba Zajdó. Did I get that right?

Csaba Zajdó 1:04

Yes, perfect, perfect.

Joshua Chin 1:04

Perfect. Now Csaba is a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of OptiMonk, which is a tool that we at Chronos love very much, and we use OptiMonk for quite a number of our clients. He’s also the founder of Shoprenter, and Innonic, the first startup studio out in his hometown in Hungary, where he’s based at and he spent over was it 15-16 years now? Or more than 20 years? I’m saying yes. In ecommerce before we hit record, I asked Csaba, if there’s anything we shouldn’t dive into in the conversation. He’s like, Don’t talk about my age. But frankly speaking, Csaba is an entrepreneur with a long history of experiences in the ecommerce sector. And he’s been growing businesses from from from scratch for a very long time. And OptiMonk in particular is an award winning on site retargeting platform, which helps the ecommerce businesses small medium sized, leverage the power of on site retargeting capture leads and create better conversions. As of right now, you have more than 405 star ratings and Shopify, or has that. Is that outdated right now?

Csaba Zajdó 1:14

Yeah, we already guessed more than 530 some, I guess that’s the actual number. It’s it’s growing, fortunately.

Joshua Chin 2:43

And it’s for 10s of 1000s of brands. Oh, yeah. OptiMonk,

Csaba Zajdó 2:48

more than 30,000 brands use OptiMonk around the world. That’s quite a lot

Joshua Chin 2:55

more than 30,000. Now, that’s that’s quite quite a bit quite a bit, then we’ll dive into OptiMonk and what it does today. So Csaba, all yours. Give us the quick rundown? What is OptiMonk? And why? Why should people pay attention?

Csaba Zajdó 3:12

Yes. So OptiMonk is an on site personalization platform, which allows you to send personalized messages, basically to communicate the right message and the right moment to the right people. We often call it as the like, the clear view of on site personalization. Clearview allows you to personalize you know, the after experience, the after, you know, the summer loved your site. After an hour after a day after a week, yes, those are really great moments to personalize to provide a great experience to users. But why don’t you want to do it while they are still on your site. But why is when they are expected there, their interest is the highest. And while OptiMonk just allows you to do that. Many of our clients use OptiMonk for legion. We provide all sorts of super advanced pop ups and sign messages and sticky bars to collect leads and grow your list and collect zero party data. But we also have a numerous use cases for other sorts of personalization, which allows you to increase the average order value which allows you to get more information to get collect feedback or to just like for the recommend products for interested users. We call our methodology basically for this personalization, customer value optimization. And this customer layer position is basically just a collection of a lot of tactics, which helps you to create the right value for each user personalized for their own awareness level for their own stage of their own user journey. And that’s, of course, increase conversion increase leads increase average order value and increase lifetime value. Which you are the experts in.

Joshua Chin 5:13

Yeah, most definitely. And now, what’s interesting about OptiMonk, in my, in my opinion, is that you allow, like you mentioned, maximum personalization to happen. Now, why why is that important? And, versus just having a pop up? And that just being done? What’s so important about personalization?

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