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Creating Successful Digital Content with Cody Iverson and Brandon Monaghan of VisCap Media

Cody IversonCody Iverson is the Co-founder and CEO of VisCap Media, a creative agency that delivers digital content that turns clicks into customers. Cody has successfully built and scaled multiple seven-figure ecommerce brands. With years of experience in the direct-to-consumer space, he specializes in digital marketing, direct response copywriting, leadership, and more.

Brandon MonaghanBrandon Monaghan is also the Co-founder of VisCap Media. He runs several seven- and eight-figure brands, including Miracle Brand and Shine Armor. In addition to this, Brandon is the Co-founder of The Cartels Mastermind and a Founding Member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Charleston, South Carolina.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Cody Iverson and Brandon Monaghan explain how they founded and scaled VisCap Media
  • Cody and Brandon delve into their superpowers and share how they each bring the business to life
  • Brandon talks about founding Shine Armor and what he learned from that experience
  • The common mistakes big brands make with digital advertising
  • The impact of TikTok and Instagram on the advertising industry and how to optimize your content for these platforms
  • Cody discusses VisCap Media’s collaboration with Doe Lashes
  • What’s next for VisCap Media?
  • How to determine when to say yes and no when working with clients
  • Cody and Brandon reveal their favorite brands and share the books that every entrepreneur should read in 2021

In this episode…

What strategies can you use to upgrade your advertising for your direct-to-consumer brand? How are TikTok and Instagram revolutionizing digital advertising? And, which brands are taking their ad campaigns to the next level? Cody Iverson and Brandon Monaghan are here to share their expertise with you.

With extensive backgrounds in the ecommerce and DTC spaces, Cody and Brandon have both built and scaled multiple seven- and eight-figure brands in a matter of years. Together, they are experts at crafting creative and innovative content that drives profit on multiple channels. So, what is their advice for optimizing your digital advertising in 2021 and beyond?

On this episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast, Joshua Chin sits down with Cody Iverson and Brandon Monaghan, the Co-founders of VisCap Media, to discuss their top digital advertising strategies. Together, they explain how to optimize your content for TikTok and Instagram, the common mistakes to avoid with digital advertising, and their tips for building a successful brand today. Stay tuned!

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:04

Welcome to the eCommerce Profits Podcast where we feature top founders and experts in the ecommerce industry and take an in-depth look at the struggles and successes in growing ecommerce brands profitably.

Joshua Chin 0:21

Josh Chin here I’m the host of the eCommerce Profits Podcast where we feature top experts and founders in the ecommerce industry. And we go behind the scenes of the struggles and successes in growing a brand. Now this episode is brought to you by Chronos Agency. If you run a direct to consumer ecommerce brand that is ready for next level growth and scale and to double your customer lifetime value through retention marketing Chronos is your company. We have helped hundreds of brands scale profits through email, SMS and mobile push while getting an average of 3500% ROI from our efforts. We’ve worked with brands like Truly Beauty, Alive Skin, and Dr. Livingood and many more. Now the next step is to email us at sales@chronos.agency, or you can go to Chronos.agency to learn more. Now, today’s guests that I have with me, number one, Cody Iverson is the CEO of VisCap Media. He’s also Co-founder, a leading direct to consumer direct to consumer direct response ad creative agency. After building and scaling two ecommerce brands to seven figures, he’s now on the agency site, helping others scale. Brandon Monaghan, his partner at VisCap Media, runs multiple eight-figure brands such as Shine Armor and Miracle Brand. Brandon has been the ecom game for six years and counting, launched and sold multiple seven and eight-figure brands, founded ecom Masterminds, and has teams of 100 people and above. Cody, Brandon, welcome to the show.

Brandon Monaghan 1:57

Thank you.

Cody Iverson 1:59

Thank you very much for having us, man. It’s an absolute pleasure. All right.

Joshua Chin 2:03

All right. Now, first question. I’m super excited about this. But uh, we got to talk about your background and how VisCap came about. Because you guys are crushing it and the DTC space. You have some incredible brands, a portfolio, some incredible work has been done. We have some mutual clients as well. Tell me how VisCap came about. I guess we could start with Cody and Brandon and you could fill in on anything else that that’s missing?

Cody Iverson 2:30

Yeah, we’ll definitely have some to fill in here. Because a lot of this that we have here today is because of Brandon. The long story is that while we were anytime we had success, we’d join Masterminds, one of which is Brandon’s Mastermind. And he was starting a new brand. We did a favor. One of our other partners, Tyler and I did a favor for Brandon, which was creating a video ad for one of the new brands that he was working on the video ad did well. And we really took a look at it. We weren’t in anything like salad for ecom at the time. And we saw great opportunity be able to pivot and help a lot of our friends at the time with content, something that was becoming increasingly more difficult that we had been pretty good at as a team from there, Brandon really put us on. And Brandon, you can maybe pick up from kind of like, you know where you came in at?

Brandon Monaghan 3:32

Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, I mean, at the time. So you know, there wasn’t really any. I mean, for us running ecommerce companies were there, there wasn’t really any, any creative agencies that were that were working as like an extension of your company. And it was really costly and time-consuming for us to go build our own company, creative agency, or just creatives in-house. So we were already good friends with Cody and Tyler. And yeah, we kept telling them like, you guys are doing these shoots for like events and just playing around with cameras, they’ve, they’ve been in the ecommerce space, they were making their own ads, and we’re like, you know, just shoot us something. And if it does well then we’ll pay you guys. And after kind of nagging them for a while they ended up creating some content for us. And it did extremely well. So it kind of just snowballed from there. You know, we started paying them to start doing monthly work for us. And then some of our other friends said, Wow, that’s really good stuff. I want to get in on it. And word of mouth really took it to where it is today. So it’s been a pretty crazy ride really, really rapid growth. And yeah, it’s wild to think like, you know, a year and a half two years ago was, there was no office? And I mean, how big, what are we moving into today Cody?

Cody Iverson 5:07

We just got the keys yesterday for a 23,000 square foot office.

Joshua Chin 5:12

Holy crap. That’s, that’s huge. That’s incredible. And, dude, amazing. And how long has it been, what, two years less.

Cody Iverson 5:23

So it would be like two years since Tyler and I started and then like a year and a half one, it took me and Tyler, like, let’s say half a year, to kind of like dialing systems and product market fit. And at that point, that’s when Brandon and Justin became partners. And that’s really when VisCap like truly started. Right?

Joshua Chin 5:46

Now I want to talk about superpowers because you guys bring very different aspects of the business to life. From my perspective, and Brandon, you bring the strategist, the strategy component to making amazing videos and making things incredibly magical. And Cody, you bring a level of work ethic that I’ve never seen before, like I would like pretty confidently say that you are one of the most hardworking people that I know in the ecom game today. So let’s start with that. Tell me a little bit about your work schedule. And what that looks like.

Cody Iverson 6:23

Sure, so I wake up at 3:15 every day, usually spend 15 minutes, from 3:15 to 3:30 visualizing the day. Cold shower cold glass of water at the office by four, write my goals, read, journal. So I’m usually able to start my actual day by 4:45. And that gives me about three hours uninterrupted before rest of the office comes in. Usually then I’ll work from eight until seven. In bed by nine. Repeat.

Joshua Chin 7:02

That’s insane. That is insane. Um, I’ve done a 5am to 11pm thing for a short period of time. That’s when I realized that I’m super ineffective with very little sleep and very little balance. So massive kudos to you. I guess I could say that that’s your superpower. Just being an incredible, incredibly hard worker getting shit done. Would you say that something else?

Cody Iverson 7:32

Yeah, definitely. I think that’s something that I’m like good at. But I don’t really believe in balance. Like I want to be all in on. Yeah, making our team’s dreams come true. And like leading by example, working hard and condensing in time, like the harder you work and the more you can delegate, like, the more you can condense time and time is the same for everybody. So like, how I use my time allows me to like, work harder and produce more.

Joshua Chin 8:01

That is just, that’s insane. Brandon, what about you? What’s your superpower?

Brandon Monaghan 8:08

Well, I definitely sleep more than Cody. Actually, right now, I’m probably not because I just had twins. And I have a 19-month-old so probably right now –

Joshua Chin 8:19

Bye-bye sleep. Yeah.

Brandon Monaghan 8:20

Not as much. Yeah. But, uh, my superpower? I don’t really, you know, I think the biggest thing that I could I talk about, like more of like, what I contribute to VisCap? Is I just am, you know, we’re always I think one thing that in my companies have always noticed. And one thing I’m transitioning over to VisCap is that we’re always like one step ahead in terms of content. So, you know, our theory has always been that Facebook ads are going to become and Instagram ads, and all these ad platforms are going to become less and less about the person bumping budgets, it’s really going to turn into a content creation game. But I mean, even with these iOS updates, right? Like, really, it’s gonna come down to who has the best creatives. And we’ve kind of always been about that. I mean, I remember when Facebook and Instagram were so powerfully weighted, and photo ads. And it was all about like, okay, you have a photo ad. And then now how do you make, you know, then then it went to like adding red borders, and then it went to, you know, adding all these different things is always just one step into the next to become better and better. And I think that’s transitioned, for me over the last six years is that, you know, we want to keep winning and we want to get the lowest cost in our advertising and we want to have the most effective advertising we need to have the best content and like for me, I’m always, you know, always, always, always up all night and it’ll keep me up all night until I figure out or I’m on to the next thing for content creation. So I’m literally sending Cody tons of things on Instagram, tons of ideas on Slack on just how we can differentiate ourselves and bring the best possible content or clients. And because really, like I said, at the end of the day, like, it’s going to be more and more about content as, as these ad platforms get smarter and smarter.

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