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How Interactive Quizzes Can Help Grow Your Business With Gen Furukawa of Prehook

Gen Furukawa

Gen Furukawa is the Co-founder of Prehook, a company that helps Shopify merchants create a unique personalized shopping experience for every customer using interactive quizzes to make product recommendations.

Gen has been in digital marketing and ecommerce for over 10 years. He founded Retainable and was the VP of Marketing at Jungle Scout. He also hosts the Cart Overflow podcast, which discusses what ecommerce revenue growth means for the best brands, agencies, and tech platforms.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [02:20-04:34] The benefits of zero party data versus first, second, or third party data and how it can help you create tailored marketing campaigns to supercharge your business
  • [5:51-06:32] How using interactive survey quizzes helps automate and personalize the customer journey to ensure a better customer experience
  • [8:41-9:26] The best way to use a quiz funnel to learn more about your target audience
  • [11:26- 11:43] Using quiz funnels effectively to increase conversion rates
  • [13:33-15:03] How to use dynamic personalization to maximize your marketing campaign strategy
  • [16:55-18:47] The easy way to reduce customer acquisition costs

In this episode…

How can you supercharge your marketing efforts in a way that’s fun and engaging for your customers? Is there an effective method to acquire new customers with lower acquisition costs?

Gen Furukawa knows that consumers want an experience, not a sales pitch, and he knows how to get it done. There’s an innovative way to capture the needs of your target audience so you can make your marketing campaigns more targeted while creating a captivating shopping experience for the buyer. Through the use of quizzes, you can gather zero party data to increase customer satisfaction and boost sales. Using this method gives you an advantage over your competitors by creating personalized recommendations and generating more leads, giving your conversion rate a significant boost.

In this episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast, Joshua Chin interviews Gen Furukawa, Co-founder of Prehook, on creating compelling buyer experiences that also drive revenue. They talk about dynamic personalization strategies and how to use that information to enhance the user experience and build trust. Gen explains how his recommendations lower new customer acquisition costs and increase your customers’ lifetime value, and how his methods create a better customer experience that drives sales.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:04

Welcome to the eCommerce Profits Podcast, where we feature top founders and experts in the ecommerce Industry and take an in depth look at the struggles and successes in growing ecommerce brands profitably.

Joshua Chin 0:22

Hey guys, Josh Chin here and the host of the eCommerce Profits Podcast where we feature top experts and founders in the ecommerce Industry and we go behind the scenes of the struggles and successes in growing a brand. Now this episode is brought to you buy Chronos Agency if you run a direct to consumer ecommerce brand that is ready to scale and to double your customer lifetime value true lifecycle marketing Chronos is your company. We’ve helped hundreds of brands scale profits with email, SMS and mobile push marketing will gain an average of 30 500% ROI from our efforts. We’ve worked with brands like truly beauty that we Elia skin, and many more. The next step is to email us at sales@chronos.agency or you can go to chronos.agency to learn more. Today’s guest is Gen Furukawa the Co-founder of Prehook a leading quiz platform for Shopify merchants, helping Shopify merchants scale with zero party data and first party data and we’ll talk a little bit about what that means, again, has been an ecommerce for over 10 years, with last seven years in SaaS in ecommerce as prior to Prehook Gen was part of the founding team and VP of Marketing at Jungle Scout, a brand and company that many of us are aware of the leading software for Amazon sellers globally. Now Prehook helps hundreds of high growth Shopify merchants sell more accelerate list growth, and capture zero party data with interactive quizzes. Gen is also the host of the ecommerce marketing podcast Cart Overflow, where he shares what the best brand operators, agencies and tech platforms are doing to grow their ecommerce revenues. Again, welcome to the show.

Gen Furukawa 2:04

Hey, Josh, thanks so much for having me.

Joshua Chin 2:07

Gen, tell us a little bit about what zero party data means. And how does that differ from first party data? And Prehooks roll in the whole? The whole thing?

Gen Furukawa 2:19

Yeah, totally. So zero party data is, has been getting more traction and more mentions in 2021 2020, which is, so it is basically data that customers proactively and willingly share with a brand. Now, this differs from first party data which a brand passively gathers. And so that would include things like purchase behavior, which is what you’ve purchased, how much you’ve spent, for example, so you can create segments on lifetime value or VIPs. Engagement with the website? Did you abandon checkout? What pages Did you visit? Interactions with email? As in? Do you open a lot? Do you click through a lot. And so these little data points first party data are usually used to triangulate and create assumptions about the customer. And the second party third party data is basically that but just aggregated and anonymized and packaged up. So that’s where you might get things like Facebook’s interest in behaviors, segmentation. So the thing is, you don’t know how accurate it is because you don’t know the source. You don’t know when it was collected. So it could be very old. And it could be very disparate in its in its origin. But zero party data is beautiful, because you know exactly where it came from. It is you Josh Chin, who has shared what your interests, preferences, goals challenges are. And the reason why you might do that is because there is a promise of an exchange of value. So that that’s really the crux of a quiz, which is, Hey, Josh will ask you a few questions, you might enter your email, a phone number, or both, so that we can send it to you. And then we’ll make your shopping experience better. On site, we’ll recommend a product based on what your quiz responses are. But then also afterwards, in your email or your SMS, they will be far more relevant and timely because we know what you’re looking for. So it is really a win win between brands and consumers where brands are getting the data that all of a sudden after iOS 14 iOS 15 third party cookies being deprecated is far harder to gather. And then consumers are willing to share it because they want a personalized experience. And they’re willing to pay more in terms of average order value and more conversions, and therefore higher lifetime value. And a quiz is just one way to do that at scale.

Joshua Chin 4:52

I love the idea of interactive quizzes and as an email marketer where infomation is relatively scarce, it’s, it’s really, it’s really important for me to be able to paint a picture of what a profile is like, and then automate the journey in a way that mimics and a one on one interaction as you would in a retail store, maybe even elevate the experience beyond that. And I see that there is a clear upside and there is a clear value add in terms of the revenue that can be generated from, from focusing on using zero party data to form good automations and good personalized journeys with a customer. What are some interesting ways that you’ve seen merchants use your quizzes to automate that journey and personalize their customer experiences?

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