June 18, 2020 — Chronos Agency’s exclusive eCommerce Facebook group, eCommerce Email Lab officially opened its doors! We’re welcoming eCommerce entrepreneurs looking for a place where they can discover new eCommerce strategies that fit their online stores best!

We’re talking about some of the best kept industry secrets that has led to eCommerce stores growing into 8-figure businesses. 

Moreover, if you’re interested in how you can get the first dibs into the inner sanctum of high-voltage ideas and real-life case studies broken down into actionable data-driven strategies to try out yourselves—read on. 


An Ambition Brought to Fruition

CEO of Chronos Agency, Josh wanted to create an eCommerce Facebook group where eCommerce entrepreneurs can reach out to him and his team. A group that serves as the go-to source for email marketing tips, basic and advanced strategies, and proven solutions that helped Chronos clients in the past.

Thus, eCommerce Email Lab (EEL) was born! A thought laboratory of sorts where we dissect real strategies that we’ve worked on with our clients emails. Some of which have grown into 8-9 figure eCommerce brands,  bounce ideas, celebrate our successes, and discuss the underlying flows in great detail.

From advanced to grounding down the basics, it’s going to be high-value and highly actionable for all stages of the conversation here. 

However, the community is not all about work and no play. Get ready for some awesome events in the line up:

  1. Exclusive content for our members. Ultimate Guide to Grow and Scale your Email Marketing.—new episodes released weekly. In brief, we’ll walk you through on how we set up our clients for success when they first come on board with us. 
  2. Mastermind and Ask Me Anything sessions with Josh.
  3. Webinars with our partners. Where you’ll discover awesome solutions to your current marketing strategy that will equip any eCommerce store with the scalability and accountability to grow their own 8-figure brand.


New Strategies Awaiting Your Discovery

Even after just one month since launch, the eCommerce Email Lab has grown to over 300 members and continues to expand every week! 

What are the secret email marketing strategies of 8-figure eCommerce stores? You’ll discover them in “the labs” with our email scientists. Be prepared to share, dissect, and understand the secret sauce of profit-generating strategies and what makes tick!  

You won’t want to miss out on the weekly conversation!

The core value of eCommerce Email Lab is to equip you and your business with high-voltage value. Above all, helping you supercharge your email revenue, ROI, and LTV so you can scale fast and zoom past your competition.

We derive most of our tips shared here from the secret formula used by 8-9 figure eCommerce stores. From which, we crafted strategies with our clients we’ve worked with to overcome the obstacles that 2020 has thrown at us. To keep things lively, we’ll be sharing rapid-fire tips and return-to-basics material every week.

We’ll compile the best practices of email marketing from across a wide breadth of eCommerce industries—like health & beauty, lifestyle, apparel, and more!

We want to give your store the accountability and scalability to hit the high 7’s within the first few months of your journey. Thus, giving you a smoother transition to finally grow into the 9-figure eCommerce business that you’re gunning for in 2020.

Steer your store in the right direction before it’s too late—especially before Q4! Join in and be privy to our multi-channel marketing tips, spanning—

  • eCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Klaviyo
  • Paid Strategies (Google Ads, FB ads)
  • Traffic Capture Conversion know-hows
  • And more!

So don’t miss out on these knowledge bombs by joining the eCommerce Email lab.. 

Watch this short 13-minute video below—just one of the many upcoming episodes of our exclusive series! Unlock more high-value content like these by joining the exclusive eCommerce Facebook group today. 

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