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Get 300% More Checkouts with Push Notifications

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Create a seamless customer experience between your online store and customers’ mobile devices

What’s the deal with Mobile Apps and Push Notification?

Almost everyone never leaves home without their mobile devices by their side. This means you’ve got an access point of communication right in your prospects’ pockets!

Mobile devices are also now a consumer’s go-to medium for various activities— especially shopping.

Time spent on mobile

Consumers spend an average of 4 hours a day on mobile devices.

Shopify Store Traffic

81% of Shopify store traffic comes from mobile devices

Time spent on mobile

66% of all mobile sales are made in mobile apps.

One of the best things in marketing is permission-based marketing. As a customer, it means you’re receiving relevant content catered to your interests.

As a marketer, however, it means customers explicitly let you know they WANT to receive promotional content from you.

This is where mobile push notification marketing shines—mobile users would willingly allow apps to send them notifications.

What’s the big deal about permission? Consumers who give you permission to send them notifications are high-quality customers who genuinely show interest in your brand, products, and content.

Push notifications can help you tap into these pools of high-quality customers, ultimately leading to more conversions and more sustainable sources of revenue for your store.

Now we know what you’re thinking:

“My store already requires my full attention to keep everything running smoothly, I don’t have the extra bandwidth to set up and handle an app for my store.”

That’s why you’ll need a great partner to help you get set up—that’s us!

What we can do for you

Mobile app design, launch, and maintenance

Realize your vision for what should be a mobile extension of your DTC store by letting us help you craft it and even do all the maintenance for you.

Push notifications content plan and execution

Effectively execute your mobile push notification marketing by applying data-driven content planning.

Seamless integration with your existing marketing channels

Drive app downloads and retention through email and SMS marketing

Content creation and curation for the app itself

Keep your app’s content fresh and engaging to maximize conversions

Technical integrations with Klaviyo, Shopify, and loyalty/customer service or retention platforms

The seamless integration doesn’t stop with your marketing channels. We’ll help you connect your app to the critically acclaimed digital marketing platform Klaviyo and even have it sync up with Shopify!

Easy-to-digest monthly reporting

We’ll keep you in the loop and up-to-date with everything that’s happening with your DTC store app

Shopping has gone mobile

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app retention rate
push notification subscribers

Leave Your DTC store’s app operations to us!

Push notification marketing completes the holy trinity of lifecycle marketing. It’s a must-have for you if you’re shooting for higher revenue, especially since you’re in the digital marketing landscape.

All our services are powered by Tapcart whose winning DTC store app designs and strategies can help you reach your mobile audience instantly and engage them effectively for the best results.

Your next loyal customer could just be one tap away!

Create your brand’s very own mobile platform!

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