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Generate Up to 47x ROI
with Your SMS Marketing

Leverage the marketing tool that has the highest
reach, deliverability, and customer engagement!

Do you feel like you’re not utilizing your SMS marketing to its fullest?

To give you some perspective, here are some noteworthy industry benchmarks:

SMS would see 98% open rates

95% of SMS messages are read within the first 3 minutes

SMS has an average of 45% response rate

You can enjoy at minimum, 4x ROI when using SMS

If your numbers are barely reaching these benchmarks,
then your SMS marketing might need more.

Why Should You Invest in SMS Marketing?

Messaging accounts for

98% of smartphone usage

Even the baby boomer generation would spend around

62 minutes text messaging

Over 90% of consumers

want to sign up for texts from businesses

Millennials and Generation Z consumers spend around

68 minutes texting
61 minutes on the phone
44 minutes on email

In terms of market share

46% of American consumers
use smartphones.

In other words, you could be missing out on a huge chunk of your target market
who prefer using their phones over their desktops and tablets.

SMS can be a full-blown marketing tool if you use it and optimize it right.
Much like email marketing, it will require a deeper understanding of your target market.

Here are some big SMS numbers our clients
generated after partnering with us

0 x
ROI on SMS marketing
0 K
SMS subscribers gained
0 %
increase in SMS revenue in 12 months

What we can do for you

A. Checkout Capture

We’ll work with your team and our internal team to suggest the appropriate copy for the checkout page

B. Lead Capture Forms

Create a 2-step email to SMS pop-up that ties in seamlessly with your website

C. Keyword Advertising

Leverage the reach of your multiple channels by maximizing your keyword exposure across different platforms

D. Social Media integration

Tap into your highly engaged social media audience and have them opt-in to your SMS lists

E. Craft engaging collaterals to encourage in-store sign-ups

These would include posters and packaging with text-to-join keywords and even in-store kiosks with landing pages

A. Welcome series

Acknowledge your new subscribers and make them feel valued

B. Abandoned cart flows

Use SMS to remind your subscribers to finally finish their checkout

C. Post-purchase flows

Keep your subscribers informed about their orders with order confirmations and order status updates

D. Auto-response AI to address customer questions

Don’t leave your subscribers hanging! You could get up to 31% more spend from subscribers who receive replies compared to those who don’t

We’ll do all the nitty-gritty stuff for you and help you improve your SMS marketing formula based on SMS performance

This is to ensure that all your SMS marketing efforts are explicitly consensual—meaning all the contacts in your SMS lists have expressed full consent to you sending them your messages, as per TCPA laws.

0 %

Subscriber growth in 2 months

104 to 12,854 SMS subscribers from November to December

$ 0

total revenue attributed to SMS for 2 month

30% from the store’s total revenue from November-December. Attribution window is 30-day click.

0 %

Subscriber growth in 3 months

145,755 to 237,980 SMS subscribers November to January

$ 0

in SMS Revenue for 3 months

5% of revenue coming from SMS November-January. Attribution is 7-day click.

Leave Your SMS Marketing to PostScript’s
One and Only Platinum Partner!

We only want the best for you! Because of our exclusive partnership with SMS marketing platform PostScript,
you would be entitled to a 45-day free trial as our client!

PostScript also charges by usage. In other words, the more you send—the less you spend!

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