PHUKET, THAILAND—Last December 14 – 16, Vince Tan, Co-founder and CEO of Shock Media Studio, held the Titanium Mastermind. Here, the great minds of the eCommerce world came together. They shared and inspired ideas among their peers. Chronos Agency’s very own co-founder and CEO, Joshua Chin, was invited to experience the brain juice-rich environment during the Titanium Mastermind.

Attendees consisted of business owners and entrepreneurs. They ranged from startups to established businesses with 9-figure annual revenue from all over the world. All of which took part in an intellectual exchange Josh found to be super engaging.

Every presentation was highly participative and compelling. This helped to promote a positive and growth-driven atmosphere for everyone present.


An opportunity to hear from the eCommerce titans


Some notable speakers included Mark Joyner (The Father of Digital Marketing), Eric Graham (Godfather of Persuasive Video), Steve Tan (9-figure eCommerce Entrepreneur), and many more. One quote to note from one of the speakers:


Simply put, a leader’s job is to see the battlefield

—Mark Joyner


Here’s what he meant by this. Look forward to what lies ahead in the organization’s journey, chart the journey, and set the vision forwards.


No matter where an entrepreneur is on their journey to success, their minds always hunger for more growth and inspiration

Josh shared how inspiring it was to be with like-minded and growth-hungry entrepreneurs. The eCommerce giants were there to share their experiences, so all the attendees eagerly listened.

Chronos Agency was able to make new connections, especially with those beyond the eCommerce sphere. Josh teased many more collaborations and deals in the making. The event also inspired Josh with the idea of hosting his own event like this one.

But for now—


What’s next on Chronos Agency’s Agenda after Titanium Mastermind?

We have plans for a possible webinar or interview video happening in early January 2020. This interview will cover the incorporation and importance of SMS into your marketing campaigns during the post-holiday downtime for building hype to upcoming holiday events.

There is also an upcoming collaboration between Chronos Agency and Ezra Firestone for the Blue Ribbon mastermind session. Here, Josh was invited to be a speaker in front of more than 100 8-figure eCommerce business owners. Basically, Josh’s presentation will be an in-depth discussion about the inner workings of email marketing and what it can do for eCommerce brands.

There are many more opportunities on the horizon for Chronos Agency! We are proud to announce we are more than eager to face these opportunities, as well as the challenges that come with them, head on!


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