April Fools Email Marketing campaigns can be tricky. They have to have just the right balance between being professional and being funny. As with all holidays that eCommerce businesses ride on, there are some guidelines that marketers have to be aware of. These aren’t strict guidelines, but more of unwritten ethics when it comes to banking on holidays. 

This holiday is all about being fun and embracing creativity. So it’s really the perfect time to stand out. The truth is, April Fools campaigns that go viral can drive heavy traffic to your store effortlessly

What are the fringe benefits here? More traffic means more opportunities for you to translate it into sales. Aside from sales, email campaigns for April Fools day help to increase engagement and brand awareness. 

But before you go ahead and start searching your brains for wild ideas, keep in mind that there are some do’s and don’ts for your April Fools Campaigns. In order for your campaigns to be successful this period, they should be attention-grabbing, though not inappropriate or too crass.


Check out this infographic below and for more details, you can check out our blog on how to stand out during April Fools.

april fools campaigns infographic