Australian Furniture Warehouse Achieves 7X Email Revenue Boost

Learn how we helped AFW generate business-scaling numbers using our lifecycle marketing best practices.

COVID-19 spelled doom for many a store owner. Australia Furniture Warehouse knew they needed to step up and adopt the online format and reach out to their target audience virtually to keep their brand from succumbing to the pandemic.


AFW prides itself on providing the best furniture deals in Adelaide since they sell high-quality furniture at prices that are up to 80% less than those charged by regular retailers.

AFW was primarily a brick-and-mortar store. When COVID-19 hit and caused many stores to shut down, AFW knew they needed to do something to save their business. That’s when they decided to move their operations online.

From there, they needed to come up with a solid digital marketing strategy to adapt to the virtual battlegrounds of the eCommerce space.

The Problem

They lacked an optimized eCommerce marketing framework. AFW was suffering from high bounce rates and low revenue per email recipient. Basically, they needed help establishing a stronger foundation for their online store.

The Solutions

We helped AFW implement a customer lifecycle marketing strategy. By curating their marketing efforts to the needs and preferences of their customers, they can establish a strong foothold in the eCommerce space.

This meant optimizing their email designs, creating several automated flows, and utilizing proper segmentation and deliverability practices.

The Strategy

Here’s a quick preview of some of the strategies we helped AFW implement:

  1. Coordination with Facebook Ads for campaigns and special offers in-store
  2. Proper Segmentation and Deliverability Practices that allowed us to help them expand their campaign sending size over time
  3. Creative content that engages and drives conversions

The Results


Increase in email revenue


Increase in revenue per recipient


Increase in campaign revenue


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