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Happi Teeth

Happi Teeth Gets a 135% Email Revenue Boost in 6 Months​

Oral care company Happi Teeth needed to optimize their email marketing framework to maximize their store’s overall revenue generation.

What did they do to give their email revenue the much-needed 135% boost?

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Email revenue​


More open rates


Higher conversion rates​

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Happi Teeth is an oral care company that primarily sells the 360 Degree Electric Toothbrush for both adults and children.


After enlisting the help of Chronos Agency to help them with their email marketing, they saw a 135% increase in their email revenue within a span of 6 months!

The Problem​

Happi Teeth’s email revenue at the time was sitting comfortably at 14%. However, this wasn’t enough to help their business scale to the next level.

The Solutions ​

With the help of Chronos Agency, Happi Teeth found out they weren’t fully utilizing all their revenue sources to their maximum potential.


Chronos helped them optimize their email marketing framework to capture more potential revenue sources—specifically, they needed to optimize their flows.

The Strategy​

Here’s a tiny peek on how the Chronos team did it:


  • Implemented advanced segmentation and retargeting on both email flows and campaigns
  • Applied on-brand creatives and copywriting efforts
  • Observed consistent AB-Testing for conversion optimization

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