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+46% Email Revenue: Lifely's Journey to Amplified Email Performance

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Overall total store revenue from email (from 26%)


Campaign revenue percentage (from 15%)


Flow revenue percentage (from 22%)

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The Story

Lifely is an Australian furniture brand dedicated to making stylish and quality furniture accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. They believe that everyone deserves to furnish their spaces with furniture that reflects their style and fits their financial needs. Their mission is to provide their customers with an extensive range of affordable options without compromising design or quality.

The Problem

Lifely had been running its own email marketing in-house. They had initial flows set up and sent email campaigns weekly, mainly for sitewide sales and product launches. Lifely was already making a respectable 26% but sought to do more. 

The Goal

Even with a good 26% store revenue from email under their belt, Lifely knew that they could achieve even more. With Chronos on their team, they wanted to:

  • Make use of email marketing to reduce reliance on paid ads
  • Grow their email marketing list
  • Set up flows on Klaviyo & test them against their old flows
  • Start sending campaigns that will convert
  • Set up lead capture forms on Klaviyo
  • Increase email marketing revenue from 26% to 35%

The Solution and the Approach

1. More flows

Chronos had set up a total of eight more flows to create more touchpoints in the customer’s journey. 

In addition to flows, we also send out 3 to 4 campaigns monthly. Each campaign has different variations that cater to different segments.

2. Creative copywriting and email designs

Improving the graphics and copywriting of the emails greatly impacted Lifely’s subscribers. Chronos’ content kept them engaged, and ultimately converted them. 


Copywriting— Rather than relying solely on hard-selling promotions, content included a blend of education and lifestyle that resonated with our customers. Some of Chronos’ email campaigns were also tied to Lifely’s existing blog posts, integrating relevant and engaging content into the emails. 


Graphics— Chronos focused on creating a more user-friendly experience by optimizing the layout for various devices, ensuring seamless readability on both desktop and mobile platforms. Chronos also refined the color palette and typography to establish a consistent and professional brand identity. 


To increase engagement, Chronos incorporated visually appealing graphics and images that complemented the content while maintaining a balance to prevent visual clutter. 

3. Set up of lead capture forms on Klaviyo

Previously, Lifely had set up their forms on Justuno.  Chronos suggested moving the forms to Klaviyo instead. Chronos created a multi-step email & SMS pop-up for both desktop and mobile. 


Chronos created an additional exit-intent form to prevent visitors from leaving the cart and checkout pages. Within 2 weeks of going live, the form submission rate was at 16.6%, which is above industry benchmarks.

4. Advanced segmentation

Chronos applied the appropriate custom segmentations for campaigns to improve the open & click rates. This, in turn resulted in higher placed order rates as well.


Chronos created product-specific segments, particularly for our campaigns. The team ensured that the content sent was relevant and applicable depending on the engagement and purchase history of customers

5. A/B testing

Chronos also focused on conducting A/B tests every month. The team tested multiple variables, such as subject lines, content, and design.

6. Deliverability tactics

Chronos prioritized deliverability by sending targeted messages at optimal times and ensuring inbox-friendly content. The team maintains list hygiene by suppressing unengaged profiles, excluding bounced emails, and avoiding spam complaints.

These practices safeguard the brand’s sender reputation and boost the effectiveness of campaigns, ensuring messages reach and resonate with their audience.

7. Relevant SMS campaigns

Chronos prioritizes SMS relevance, sending messages only during sales or new product launches to avoid spamming customers. This strategy maintains low unsubscribe rates. Additionally, the team employs precise segmentations for targeted SMS campaigns.

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The Results


Overall total store revenue from email
(from 26%)


Campaign revenue percentage
(from 15%)


Flow revenue percentage
(from 22%)


Lifely’s email marketing seemed to already be doing well. But, Chronos Agency played a pivotal role in enhancing their email marketing strategy by boosting the monthly email revenue and diversifying content to address the distinct needs of various customers.


Furthermore, Chronos integrated key email flows into Lifely’s current email systems to reach multiple touchpoints within the customer journey.


Ultimately, through advanced segmentation and maintaining good deliverability practices, Chronos Agency ensured that Lifely’s emails reached the appropriate audience at optimal times, resulting in increased conversions and profits.


Key Takeaways