A Sustainable Lifecycle Journey Others Only Dream Of

Ensuring comfort at a reasonable price, Benji Sleep offers you a selection of soft sheets, pillows, and comforters of your dreams (pun intended). They wanted help in increasing their returning customers and maximizing their lifecycle marketing. 

Chronos Agency worked on adjusting Benji Sleep’s marketing strategies and best practices. In little over a year, they have amplified their customers and enhanced their email and SMS strategies. Continue reading to find out how we achieved some great results.


After implementing extensive data-driven strategies and creative ideas, Benji Sleep boosted its overall customer lifecycle journey. Chronos Agency made a step-by-step deep dive to go through a seamless process across all channels and touchpoints. We made the necessary adjustments to avoid sending their email to the Spam folder. 

In just 90 days, Benji Sleep saw an increase from 17% to 34% in email-attributed revenue!

The Strategy

Benji Sleep’s emails were already converting. Their initial open rates, as well as click rates, were within industry standards. What we had to do was to enhance their emails and workflows so that they could leverage their customer lifecycle for better results.

Here’s a super brief rundown of the tactics our team used:

  • Optimizing post-purchase experience
  • Focusing on the power of loyalty and referrals 
  • Investing in new channels 

The Results


increase in email revenue


email attributed revenue in the 90 days


SMS ROI during BFCM season in 2021


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