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Ecommerce marketing revival: 234% increase in email revenue in 6 months

40% - 50%

monthly store revenue through emails


Open Rate maintained among 100k+ emails sent per month


Average Click Rate among 100k+ emails sent per month

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The story

CALECIM® Professional is a unique skincare and haircare brand whose products are all powered by cord-lining stem cells.


Before making their products directly available to consumers, CALECIM® Professional exclusively sold to clinics. This meant all their marketing was targeted toward doctors.


When they opened their business to end users, they operated both their B2B and B2C email marketing in the same CRM which was ActiveCampaign.


Before partnering with Chronos, they were already running their own email marketing, which was only generating about 15% of their store’s revenue.

The goal

For the first 30 – 60 days after partnering with CALECIM®, Chronos needed to prepare a solid foundation for their email optimization plan:


  • Simplify and organize their email marketing system for B2C by separating it from B2B
  • Set up their first 3 flows on Klaviyo
  • Send campaigns aimed at engaging their list
  • Have their emails generate at least 20% of their store’s overall revenue

The problem

Some factors that explained their email revenue plateauing at 15% included—


  • Only sending 1 – 2 campaigns per month, mainly for promos and product launches
  • Email systems optimized for B2B but not for B2C
  • Lack of a solid segmentation strategy to send the right messages to the right audience

The solution & approach

1. Added More Emails and Flows

More emails meant more touchpoints CALECIM® can attend to along the customer journey. This also meant a broader range of variation that helped them cater to the needs and preferences of different segments

2. Automated Customer Success Representative

Because of the medical and scientifically backed nature of CALECIM®’s products, content detailing specific instructions was a must.


This is where post-purchase emails, follow-up emails, and FAQ content emails come into play to ensure correct usage of their CALECIM® products.

3. Implemented Advanced Segmentation

Chronos helped CALECIM® segregate their emails according to country, engagement, and purchase history.

4. Observed Constant A/B Testing

Using a systematic approach to continually improve CALECIM®’s emails was key to improving their numbers.


Types of content, subject lines, colors, and send times were only a few of what we conducted A/B tests on.

5. Optimized and Maintained Healthy Deliverability

Deliverability is the main foundation to any successful email system. Here are a couple of best practices on how we helped improved CALECIM®’s deliverability:


  • Sending the right messages to the right people at the right time
  • Keep emails “inbox-friendly”
  • Strictly avoided sending emails to our “excluded segments” (i.e. unengaged profiles)

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The Results


increase in email revenue, from 15% to 40 - 50%.


open rate among over 100k emails sent per month


click rate among over 100k emails sent per month


CALECIM® was struggling to transition their email marketing to B2C. Initially, they started out as a B2B-focused brand.

Chronos Agency helped improve their email systems by populating the number of emails sent per month, increasing variation to cater to different segments’ needs.

Chronos also added key flows into CALECIM®’s existing email systems to reach more touchpoints in the customer journey.

Finally, advanced segmentation and healthy deliverability ensure their emails were landing in the inboxes of the right people at the right time—increasing overall conversions and profits.

Key Takeaways

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for emails.

A specific goal requires a specific email strategy. So the more emails you have that each accomplish a specific objective, the better.

Prioritize fixing and maintaining your email deliverability

to eliminate issues that would have been avoidable.

Set up a comprehensive segmentation strategy

and follow through with profile criteria when sending specific emails.

Lifecycle marketing is a much larger iceberg than you think. It’s more than just slapping together two different strategies and forgetting about it. It requires a dedicated team who’s learned the language of customer data and in turn translating that into a game plan.

Chronos Agency has dedicated 5 years of its existence decoding the customers’ minds of over 400 brands. And now, we want to share what we’ve learned with you so you too can rack up the 20% to 30% revenue boost our past partners have reaped.

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