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Ecommerce marketing revival: 234% increase in email revenue in 6 months



Store revenue from email


Store revenue from email flows


List growth from may 2020
to december 2022

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The story

Australia-based sleep supplies brand Calming Blanket sells weighted blankets, toys, and other bed accessories. They’ve made it their life mission to improve the overall quality of life of their customers with better sleep and comfort through their products.


Over time, they’ve scaled enough to launch their UK branch. However, wanted to scale even higher by optimizing their email systems to generate more revenue beyond their current plateau.

The goal

Chronos Agency needed to increase Calming Blanket’s email revenue while growing their subscriber list, maintaining healthy deliverability, and building trust with their customers.


The plan was that in doing so, Calming Blanket would bring their email revenue from 27% up to 35% of their store’s overall revenue with at least 20% of that coming from automated emails, and 15% from manual emails.

The story

Initially, Calming Blanket was already generating a healthy 27% of their store revenue through email.


While good at first glance, the underlying issue was that their email systems could be generating more than that. In fact, they SHOULD be generating more…if not for efficiency issues with how their emails were set up.

The solution & approach

1. Advanced Segmentation and Targeting

This was key to maintaining Calming Blanket’s healthy deliverability. To do so, we set up target-specific campaigns aimed at users who’ve shown high interest.


This helped open up cross-sell and upsell opportunities with Calming Blanket’s customers—increasing their sales further.
Additionally, we also used retargeting emails to give a chance to customers who missed out on the first campaign sent out.

2. Strategically Planned Content Calendars and Campaigns

Aside from the usual revenue-generating emails, social content and social proof emails helped seal the deal when upselling products.


Social proof such as customer reviews helped Calming Blanket build customer trust and solidified customer loyalty. One thing you can pick up from this is tying in your social proof with your upsell campaigns to boost your conversions further.

3. Consistent A/B Testing on Flows and Campaigns

Frequent A/B testing kept Calming Blanket’s email systems updated on customers’ needs and preferences—keeping customers engaged.


What subject lines customers were more likely to click on, the best send times that sync up with customers’ online activity, and subtle preference tweaks for flows were just some of elements we tested to ensure Calming Blanket’s content stayed dynamic and relevant to their lists.

4. Improved Graphics and Copywriting

Specifically, Chronos made sure Calming Blanket’s campaigns were mobile-friendly to maintain a smooth and great user experience.


Since 64% of Calming Blanket’s users were on mobile, we made sure to design emails to look good on both desktop AND mobile devices.


If your emails don’t look good or let alone function properly on mobile… then your customers are more likely to just close your emails and move on.

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The Results

Total email revenue

45% of store revenue, initially 27%

Flow email revenue

31% of store revenue,
initially 23%

Campaign email revenue

14% of store revenue,
initially 4%

List growth

221,055 as of december 2022,
initially 100,335


Calming Blanket wanted to increase their 27% email revenue to 35%. Chronos Agency helped them not only reach but surpass their initial goal through the use of—

Advanced segmentation
Strategically planned content
calendars and campaigns
Consistent A/B testing
Mobile-friendly designs
for campaigns

Key Takeaways

Advanced segmentation is a must-have for any business looking to improve their email revenue.

Frequent A/B testing is key to keep your campaigns updated with customers’ ever-changing needs and preferences.

Mobile-friendly design for your campaigns should be a standard to cater to customers viewing your emails via their smartphones and other mobile devices.

Set up a comprehensive segmentation strategy and follow through with profile criteria when sending specific emails.

Lifecycle marketing is a much larger iceberg than you think. It’s more than just slapping together two different strategies and forgetting about it. It requires a dedicated team who’s learned the language of customer data and in turn translating that into a game plan.

Chronos Agency has dedicated 5 years of its existence decoding the customers’ minds of over 400 brands. And now, we want to share what we’ve learned with you so you too can rack up the 20% to 30% revenue boost our past partners have reaped.

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