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CISE Hits 170% Email Revenue Increase in just 4 Months

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Increase in email revenue​


Increase in Revenue Per Recipient ​


Increase in Click Through Rate​

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Clothing line CISE needed a boost in their email revenue. Since partnering with Chronos Agency, they didn’t just meet their email revenue goal—but went as far as exceeding it as well!

In their own words, the implemented strategies were “so good, we sold out.”

What did Chronos Agency implement that helped CISE’s email revenue skyrocket?


CISE launched their brand with a simple yet powerful idea: Stronger Threads for a Stronger Community—giving a voice to those ignored by instilling powerful messages through their apparel.


In order to scale their business and reach out to more of their target audience, CISE partnered up with Chronos Agency. Since then, CISE’s email revenue reached 30% of their store’s revenue in just 4 months!

The Problem​

CISE’s email revenue was plateauing at around 10% of their store’s overall revenue.

The Solutions ​

Chronos Agency implemented several advanced email marketing strategies and best practices along with improved and engaging content to boost the store’s brand image.

The Strategy​

Here’s a tiny peek of the strategies Chronos used to help CISE achieve their 170% email revenue boost:


  • Advanced Segmentation and Retargeting
  • Copywriting that adhered to the brand’s voice and tone
  • Strategically planned monthly content calendars and campaigns
  • Consistent A/B Testing on Flows and Campaigns

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