ForChics Hits 42% Revenue Generation from SMS & Email

ForChics was already well on their way to scaling their business further. The only thing holding them back was a lack in the customer retention and loyalty department to kick their growth into high gear.

They needed a customer-focused marketing framework, but how and where should they start?


ForChics is a US-based modern beauty brand that proudly promotes their customers’ wellbeing and health.

With over a thousand positive reviews from happy and satisfied customers, it’s no surprise that their signature lash and brow enhancing serums are regarded as best-sellers around the globe.

The Problem

ForChics’ emails were generating only 7-8% of their overall revenue. To give you a point of reference, the industry benchmark is 30%.

Not only were their core email flows not optimized, but they were also lacking in solid subscription, wholesale, and ambassador programs.

The Solutions

They brought in Chronos Agency to help them ramp up their email marketing and SMS marketing systems.

After optimization, ForChics got a 310% increase in revenue attributed to emails and 100% higher revenue attributed to SMS than what they initially aimed for.

The Strategy

The Chronos team implemented strategies the focused on maximizing sales from existing customers as well as optimizing marketing initiatives aimed towards ForChics VIPs.

Two of the five big strategies Chronos Agency used were advanced segmentation and retargeting and custom email flows.

Generally, these strategies helped ForChics to leverage the top-selling products they had and encourage repeat purchases from customers.

If you’re interested in getting the full breakdown of all the strategies used that helped ForChics achieve these results, feel free to download the full case study.

The Results


Increase in email revenue


Increase in SMS subscribers


Total revenue generated from email and SMS marketing


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