A BFCM to Remember: Up to 60% Email Attributed Revenue

Bringing effortless charm to premium high-end jewelry, Jan Leslie is an eCommerce brand that specializes in cuff links, tuxedo sets, and 18k gold jewelry. Wanting to branch out from the limited brick-and-mortar options and changes in customer behavior, they started a partnership with Chronos Agency.

Over the years, Chronos Agency has helped them to scale their email marketing channels for increased revenue. Continue reading to find out how we achieved some amazing results during.


Changes in customer behaviour during the pandemic required the Jan Leslie’s marketing strategy to change as well. Even though most jewelery purchases are done face to face, it was also improtant for them to engage new customers and sell products through email marketing.

We focused on VIP customers who are the major contributors to the brand’s revenue. Exclusive VIP-only offer as well as strategies were introduced to ensure high conversion rate.

The Strategy

Chronos implemented several strategies and framework for Jan Leslie so that they could reap the most out of BFCM season. This included about 60% of email attributed revenue which mostly came from the campaigns. We could also see more than 3x increase in average monthly store revenue.

Here’s a super brief rundown of the tactics our team used:

  • Leveraging on social content
  • Hyping up the VIP-only offers
  • Maximizing retargeting emails and workflows

The Results


attributed to email revenue


increase in average email open rate


increase in average monthly store revenue in 2021

Jan Leslie 2021 BFCM email copy


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