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Kingston Shaver

Email Results Fit for Kings: 41% of Revenue from Email Marketing and 272% Increase in Campaign Revenue



Email revenue in 2021​


Increase in conversion​


Increase in campaign revenue​

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Kingston Shaver is an eCommerce brand that particularly focuses on a niche community of bald customers. With products like grooming kits, replacement blades, and accessories, they intend on creating a smooth experience for their customers (pun intended).

Since partnering with Chronos Agency in 2020, Kingston Shaver has been enjoying increased revenue and a more stable customer retention system. They are now enjoying an average of 35% for open rates and an average of 3% for click rates. Want to know how we achieved these amazing results?

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Kingston Shaver noticed a decrease in their store traffic as well as customer acquisition. This was especially concerning as they are a one-product store and their revenue was highly dependent on new and current customers. We understand that a proper email marketing funnel can help them touch all bases to reach a larger audience. In less than a year, their email revenue has shot up to 41%.

The Strategy​

For Kingston Shaver, our strategies focus on retention and replenishment. By readjusting workflows and email content, we maximized our retention strategies that would benefit the client in the long run. We also created email flows to keep the customers engaged even after their first purchase.


Here’s a super brief rundown of the tactics our team used:


  • Leveraging content to keep customer engagement levels high
  • Implemented custom flows for different stages of the customer journey
  • Implement A/B testing to optimize each flow

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