fbpx Consistent Increase Over 2 Years—67% Higher Email Revenue

Ecommerce marketing revival: 234% increase in email revenue in 6 months


increase in email campaign openers


increase in email recipients


increase in flow conversion in 6 months

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The story

Health and wellness superfoods brand Organifi’s main mission is to create and distribute products that deliver on their promises all while empowering people with a healthy lifestyle that can be both fun and delicious.


Their email and SMS were running smoothly…until they didn’t.


So in May 2022, Organifi partnered with Chronos Agency to revive its email marketing and SMS marketing.

The goal

Organifi’s email and SMS systems were due for a much-needed revamp. They wanted to start fresh and bring their email and SMS marketing back to where it used to be. For starters, they needed to fix some issues that plagued those systems from the inside.

The problem

Poor deliverability and rampant spam issues cost Organifi a LOT of potential revenue. These were some of the issues identified:


  • Not having a comprehensive email and segmentation program—resulting in deliverability issues
  • Low deliverability health resulted in emails getting categorized as spam—preventing opportunities for customers to see emails and add to cart
  • Weak data tracking and analysis—making it difficult to generate concrete results and insightful results that could have otherwise helped with overall marketing strategy direction

The solution & approach

1. Built Out the Core Flows

Chronos started with a strong foundation via the core email flows. These include the pop-up, new customer acquisition, cart recovery, browse recovery and post-purchase flows. These high-performing flows helped Organifi increase its engagement and its domain’s reputation.

2. Created a Personalized Winback Flow

Specifically, Chronos built a special winback flow that targeted customers who’ve lapsed in their replenishment phase—encouraging customers to come back to repurchase their goods.

3. Carried Out a Warm-up Process during the Early Phase

This was to help Organifi build their domain reputation which, in turn, maintained their deliverability. Specific actions included:

  1. Weeding out any long-term subscribers who have lapsed, or are unengaged over a period of time. This is to avoid engaging with any ‘bad subscribers’ that would make a negative impact on deliverability.
  2. Implementing exclusions in campaigns, a very important part of the process where you exclude customers based on where they are on the journey with the brand to avoid redundant messaging
4. Targeted Different Segments with Specialized Promos

To further push the theme of content personalization, Chronos sent emails during events and major eCommerce days with the appropriate messaging, design, and promos.

4. Retarget Efforts on Various Campaigns

Chronos helped Organifi improve their conversions by retargeting non-openers and/or non-buyers. When those specific segments were engaged enough, Organifi can safely send more emails without risking their deliverability reputation—further increasing sales generated from emails in the process.

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The Results

234% increase

in email revenue in the last 6 months

75% increase

in flow conversion in the last 6 months

30% decrease

in unsubscribe rate in the last 6 months

381% increase

in email recipients

828% increase

in email campaign openers

46.27% in owned revenue

from email and SMS during BFCM 2022

13% cart recovery rate

since Organifi’s revamped email and SMS systems went live

70% open rates

since Organifi’s revamped email and SMS systems went live


Major deliverability and spam issues crippled Organifi’s email and SMS systems causing them to lose a lot of potential revenue.

To remedy this, they partnered up with Chronos Agency in May 2022 to revive their email and SMS marketing back to working condition.

Since their partnership with Chronos, Organifi’s email and SMS programs thrived—generating 234% increased email revenue in 6 months.

Key Takeaways

Concentrate all your email marketing efforts into a single program to maintain consistency

Build up and flesh out your email automation program with strategies that complement each other

Conduct warm-up efforts to ensure you build your deliverability reputation before increasing the number of emails you send. Categorize your engaged and unengaged contacts then focus sending to your engaged contacts first to stabilize your deliverability rates.

Optimize your list segmentation to maintain a healthy deliverability reputation.

Set up a weekly tracker for data analysis. This keeps you on your toes making sure every email campaign you send out is top notch, and everything else is working as expected. From that data, you would be able to make clearer and more goal-driven decisions on what strategies to carry out next

Lifecycle marketing is a much larger iceberg than you think. It’s more than just slapping together two different strategies and forgetting about it. It requires a dedicated team who’s learned the language of customer data and in turn translating that into a game plan.

Chronos Agency has dedicated 5 years of its existence decoding the customers’ minds of over 400 brands. And now, we want to share what we’ve learned with you so you too can rack up the 20% to 30% revenue boost our past partners have reaped.

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