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Pupnaps' 2x Increase in Email Revenue Share



Increase in email revenue percentage


Increase in placed order rate


Subscriber list growth

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Learn how we successfully doubled Pupnaps’ email revenue share for all their stores in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Pupnaps is Australia’s favorite dog bed brand. It’s been winning the hearts of many dogs as well as dogs owners. They needed a reliable and consistent lifecycle marketing agency to help them scale their business using the hands-off approach. That’s when they reached out to Chronos Agency. 

As a result, not only does Pupnaps no longer have to worry about email marketing, but they were also able to double their email revenue share and expand their online stores to the UK and Canada. 


Pupnaps is an Australia-based calming bed brand that helps tackle the rise of anxiety symptoms in dogs.

As many people are placing their priorities on their fur-babies’ comfort and wellbeing, Pupnaps’ calming dog bed
started to gain popularity. They approached Chronos Agency for our full email marketing services back in June
2020. As they began to scale and expand to the UK and Canada, we took over the email strategies for those online
stores too.


The Problem

Pupnaps had an initial email revenue share of 16%, and we believed this share could be much higher.

What’s more, the brand had a good list of subscribers that were not being fully utilized, which means Pupnaps
was missing out on generating more conversions through their subscribers’ list. However, we needed to be
strategic in using the list to avoid harming Pupnaps’ email deliverability.

We also aimed to improve the aesthetics and copywriting for all Pupnaps’ emails while keeping everything on


The Solutions

Pupnaps had a good email marketing strategy in place, but what could we do to make it even better and improve
conversions? We deep-dived each email automation and campaigns’ structure and pinpointed the key strategies that
would make a difference.


The Strategy

Aside from implementing Chronos’ best practices on Pupnaps’ email marketing system, we also conducted multiple
A/B testing to truly understand the average Pupnaps subscriber’s preferences and behavior.

Here are some of the strategies we implemented: 

1. Creative copywriting and out-of-the-box email designs.
2. A/B testing for pop-ups and consistent optimizations of the design.
3. Vigorous A/B testing and optimization offers in automation and campaigns.
4. Improved segmentation based on data-driven results.

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The Results

Total email revenue

45% of store revenue, initially 27%

Flow email revenue

31% of store revenue,
initially 23%

Campaign email revenue

14% of store revenue,
initially 4%

List growth

221,055 as of december 2022,
initially 100,335


Calming Blanket wanted to increase their 27% email revenue to 35%. Chronos Agency helped them not only reach but surpass their initial goal through the use of—

Advanced segmentation
Strategically planned content
calendars and campaigns
Consistent A/B testing
Mobile-friendly designs
for campaigns

Key Takeaways

Advanced segmentation is a must-have for any business looking to improve their email revenue.

Frequent A/B testing is key to keep your campaigns updated with customers’ ever-changing needs and preferences.

Mobile-friendly design for your campaigns should be a standard to cater to customers viewing your emails via their smartphones and other mobile devices.

Set up a comprehensive segmentation strategy and follow through with profile criteria when sending specific emails.

Lifecycle marketing is a much larger iceberg than you think. It’s more than just slapping together two different strategies and forgetting about it. It requires a dedicated team who’s learned the language of customer data and in turn translating that into a game plan.

Chronos Agency has dedicated 5 years of its existence decoding the customers’ minds of over 400 brands. And now, we want to share what we’ve learned with you so you too can rack up the 20% to 30% revenue boost our past partners have reaped.

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