fbpx Quiet Punch Scores a Knockout 425% Increase in Email Attribution in 90 Days!
Quiet Punch

Quiet Punch Scores a Knockout 425% Increase in Email Attribution in 90 Days!​

One brand, one product—and one epic WIN! Quiet Punch looked into setting up their eCommerce email and SMS marketing channels to help further boost the success of their single product.

While challenging at first, our team managed to build upon Quiet Punch’s existing content to create a solid and effective customer engagement experience—helping Quiet Punch exceed their expected metric goals.

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Increase in Email Attribution​


Increase in Open Rate​



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Quiet Punch partnered up with Chronos Agency to set up their email and SMS marketing. They only had one product to work with, making meeting their desired ROI goal a tough challenge.


The questions we began asking ourselves were: (1) What kind of content did they need to launch, considering they only sell one product? And (2), what other strategies do they need to implement to cater to their niche audience?

The Strategy​

We helped Quiet Punch implement a combination of on-brand copywriting and data-driven strategies.


Using the owner’s existing personal content and the already strong community he built, we managed to create solid on-brand content and design strategies that helped boost customer engagement—uppercutting Quiet Punch’s metrics to new heights!


This is only a mere preview of the processes our lifecycle marketing team went through to generate these numbers. Are you interested to get the full details?


Here’s what Quiet Punch had to say about their time with us

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