Sommer Ray Shop's 65% Email Revenue Boost

What started as a simple request to retool their automated email marketing system developed into a harrowing discovery of a deadly case of the “spray and pray” email approach. This approach led to the steady decay of Sommer Ray’s Shop’s open rates and brand reputation.

With the help of Chronos Agency, Sommer Ray’s Shop was able to identify the problem before it was too late. The two then worked together to finally solve the problem using email best practices and a solid data-driven email strategy.


The eCommerce women’s apparel store Sommer Ray’s Shop needed to drive their engagement and revenue. This meant they needed to retool their automated email marketing framework—that’s when they decided to partner with Chronos Agency.

The Problem

After digging around their existing framework at the time, we discovered they were relying on the “spray and pray” approach when it came to their email marketing.

This resulted in low open rates and diminished brand reputation, despite the brand recognition of model and influencer Sommer Ray herself and the store’s high-quality products.

Specifically, their spraying and praying resulted in the following problems:

1. Low Open and Conversion Rates
2. Unidentified Email Strategy
3. No Segmentation or Nurture Strategy

The Solutions

The best remedy for “spray and pray”? We helped Sommer Ray’s Shop implement the best email practices and regularly refined their framework until all the bad dirty oil is washed out of their system.


We did this by curating relevant content and offers that appealed to their email lists—encouraging their customers to engage more with Sommer Ray’s Shop. You can sum this up as improving the customer experience.

The Strategy

Our strategy can be broken down into two major actionables: list segmentation and listening to data.

For the segmentation part, we segmented Sommer Ray’s Shop’s lists into the following segments:

a. Product Type

b. Product Lifecycle

c. Level of Engagement

This way, we’re able to zero in on each segment’s data allowing us to deliver tailored messaging and content to each segment.

To top it all off, we used the Klaviyo predictive analytics tool to help Sommer Ray’s Shop refine the timing of their email sequences to maximize customer interest. This allowed Sommer Ray’s Shop to deliver timely email offers to recipients—making them more likely to convert.

The Results


Increase in total Email Revenue


Increase in Automated Email Revenue


Increase in Email Campaign Revenue


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