fbpx The Beard Struggle - Achieve 70% Increase in Total Store Revenue
The Beard Struggle

Natural Grooming & Beard Care
Brand Achieves 70% Increase in Total Store Revenue

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Increase in email-attributed revenue​


Increase in average email revenue​


Increase in Placed Order Rates from email automation​

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Male grooming brand The Beard Struggle needed a solid on-brand creatives framework. To them, email marketing was more than just a sales driver—it was a means to engage with their target audience and build their brand.

Since December 2020, our team at Chronos Agency helped them achieve their goal of scale-worthy and sustainable email revenue and engaging customer-centric content efforts. What strategies did we use to boost their overall store revenue? Read on to find out!


The Beard Struggle was looking to boost their overall store revenue without sacrificing crucial metrics like deliverability. We helped them come up with a game plan that focused on customer-centricity and optimization of their existing flows.


Today, they consistently hit 35% in email revenue and 50% list utilization!

The Strategy​

It was all about striking the fine balance between generating more email revenue growing their subscriber list. This meant investing in customer lifecycle strategies that engaged their target audience—effectively boosting conversions.


Consistent A/B testing also helped us decipher which offers worked best for their brand and target audience.


Here’s a super brief rundown of the tactics our team used:


  • Zero in on heavy lifting flows
  • Implement Advance and Data-driven Segmentation and Retargeting
  • Creative Copywriting and Email Designs

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