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Wyvern’s Hoard

A Fantasy Made Real: Hobby Brand Reaches 39% Combined Revenue from Email & SMS​

Hobby accessory brand Wyvern’s Hoard is the motherload of treasures for any fantasy or sci-fi enthusiast. They approached Chronos Agency with the goal of jumpstarting their email marketing. However, they ended up achieving more than what they originally planned.

How did they manage to achieve sustainable and scalable revenue despite the pandemic? Read on to find out.



increase in email revenue since 2019​


increase in list growth since 2019​


increase in campaign revenue since partnering with Chronos​

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Wyvern’s Hoard needed to jumpstart their email marketing in the hopes of boosting their customer retention. However, they soon realized that such a feat is best achieved by expanding their digital marketing efforts into multiple channels.


After four years since partnering up with us, Wyvern’s Hoard now enjoys a steady stream of sustainable revenue from not just email but also SMS marketing.

The Strategy​

Due to our expansion of services, we helped Wyvern’s Hoard optimally expand their digital marketing efforts into email marketing, SMS, social media, and we even aided in their content marketing with blogs.


We helped them push the envelope by crafting customer-centric content and messaging for each of their marketing channels. From there, we applied omnichannel best practices to create a seamless customer experience across all of those channels.


Here’s a super quick rundown of the tactics we applied:


  • Optimization of their flows
  • Build customer relationships by celebrating customer milestones through their email and SMS campaigns
  • Encourage more customer engagement and widen audience reach using interactive content such as games and trivia content

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