[INFOGRAPHIC] COVID-19 vs. eCommerce: Our Battle So Far

The first half of 2020 saw the COVID-19 pandemic making waves in the eCommerce market. At first, it began as a ripple at the start of January. Then it evolved quickly into a tsunami of unprecedented shifts in consumer behavior and demand. This infographic on COVID-19 eCommerce statistics doesn't lie. It reflects the effects of

The Viral Burden of Coronavirus on eCommerce and Dropshippers: ‘Quarantine Shopping’ may be on the Rise

Production and manufacturing have halted with half of mainland China on lockdown. The consequences of the Coronavirus crisis on eCommerce and dropshippers could prove costly. In less than a month, the Coronavirus has snowballed into a global event. It shows no signs of slowing down. If it continues to spread unchecked, the outbreak poses a

How to Maximize Email Marketing for Your Dropshipping Store
How to Maximize Email Marketing for Your Dropshipping Store

As an eCommerce business, the accessibility of the internet is one of your greatest advantages.For you, it allows you to reach out to potential customers from the comfort of your desk.And for your customers, it makes your business just as reachable.But this advantage can also be one of your biggest disadvantages.Your drop shipping business isn’t