How To Choose The Right Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency For You

Running an ecommerce business can be overwhelming.You need to take care of sourcing the products, marketing them, delivering them to the customers, handling refunds…At some point, it becomes too much for one person and you need to either start building a team or start outsourcing.One of the tasks that you can outsource is email marketing.However,

How Transactional Emails Increase Your E-commerce Sales

Okay, so you got a sale. Now what? It’s tempting to sit back, relax, and pat yourself on the back. But that’s a mistake. You need to focus on ensuring that this transaction is a positive experience for the customer. Otherwise, they will never shop at your online store ever again, and you can’t build

How To Increase Your Conversion Rate By Pruning Your Email List

Everyone wants to have a massive email list.And there’s no doubt that being able to say that you have over 100,000 subscribers gives you extra credibility.However, the reality is that the number of subscribers is a vanity metric - quality is much more important than quantity.Sure, your aim should be to build an email list

How to Maximize Email Marketing for Your Dropshipping Store

As an e-commerce business, the accessibility of the internet is one of your greatest advantages.For you, it allows you to reach out to potential customers from the comfort of your desk.And for your customers, it makes your business just as reachable.But this advantage can also be one of your biggest disadvantages.Your drop shipping business isn’t

Why Email Marketing For E-Commerce Is Here To Stay

For the longest time, civilization runs on blood, sweat, and tears.Today, it’s safe to say there’s a new ingredient added into the mix. And as familiar as you are with it, it’s still humbling to remember how only recently we realized its importance—information.Since the birth of the internet, information became more accessible to the common

[INFOGRAPHIC] What Is Email Marketing Automation?

Managing an e-commerce business is fun and fulfilling. But it can also be challenging at times, especially if you don’t have the right tools.Imagine overseeing everything from product development, to inventory, finances, and operations. Marketing is a whole different story. It involves creativity and lots of engagement with current and existing customers. Basically, it takes

[INFOGRAPHIC] How You Can Boost Your Email Marketing In 2019

When someone mentions the 1970s, people think of vinyl records. They think of music from ABBA and bell-bottom jeans. What else? The Beatles broke up. Coco Chanel passed away. Stephen King published his first novel.Interestingly, these three icons remain relevant today. Do you know what else happened in the 1970s that continues until now? The

How To Steal The Spotlight On April Fools With Email Marketing

It’s that time of the year again!Expect the unexpected.Get ready to shake your heads in disbelief.It’s April Fools Day, so let the pranks begin!April Fools’ Day is a global holiday looked forward to by a lot of people. Why not? It’s fun, it’s exciting, and you know you’re always in for a treat. Like other

Combining Content With Email Marketing To Get Your Subscribers Hooked

We all have our favorites. Favorite color, favorite shoes, favorite clothes, and favorite products. We all have our reasons why those are our favorites. We have our reasons why we keep using them, or wearing them, or buying them. Business owners bank on these reasons. They use it to fuel their advertising and marketing campaigns.

21 Email Marketing Terms You Need To Know

So you’re ready to dive into email marketing for your e-commerce business, but you’re getting lost in a sea of email marketing terms. Every month there is an average of 14,800 Google searches for email marketing. That means a lot of people want to learn about email marketing. However, due to the surge in content